Mapping Scores for Africa Women in Technology

Sustainable Development Goal 5, Goal 5.6 (b) is very clear; to enhance the use of technology that enables the use of information technology in particular to promote women's promotion. As a result, I gain authority to shape the goal of goal 5, goal 5.6 (b) in 2030, 14 years from now. But is thinking whether this goal would be met with circumstances at hand? Somehow, I allow you to be a judge.

Technology is changing the world faster, though it's manly and demanding, but it's worth noting. One thing that is undeniable is that IT technology sees a turning point in changing women's world, as women-related companies take a seat in information technology. As less girls and women continue to lose information technology in information technology and more people continue to information technology of the world, the balance is clear. Clear to the extent that how many girls are taught how to develop computer programs, how many are computer games, how many people are doing handbags and computers, what are we doing to seduce girls in digital processes? It is superstition to believe that information technology can promote solutions to women and is just an empty excuse. Abomination is a big gap and is still fun, but it is still a strong factor that causes African people in prison for too long, no matter what the background is. Undoubtedly, information technology communication has shown that the internet has changed life and is still changing lives, it has changed how we do things, what we do, when and where things are done. It has made the world more modern than time. Close the boundaries and open borders, making the world in little space for all. The only thing I see that the internet is still doing is bridging gender gaps. Sexualization in technology could be fair if we want a better and safer world for everyone.

Unequal gender is still preventing the achievement of sustainable development goals and goals 5 in particular. It is unfair to know that people still find it difficult to understand the SDG Objectives 5 – I. E gender equality and then step into technology. Think, what does gender equality mean in real terms? As they used to ask, "Do women want to equate men, or what does the United Nations mean? Equality? This question has to be answered and I know you can say. But you find it difficult to explain this to you Africa Context has been very difficult to explain the meaning of gender equality to African people and are fundamental motives. They mean, when they express themselves about gender equality, does this mean equality for men? What about the benefits now and in the future and even the children and families "I think if any of these are answered, thoughts and perceptions can be formulated. You know a lot of people pretending to know what gender and gender equality are, but not. They just turn back in their circles and make it a point of indifference. Equalities in local communities ? Up to global worldview? Do a little survey and you will be shocked at the result INA.

Educated men hand though few are in the worst way, but ómenntir did not even want to hear about it. Girls are viewed as weak who do not need a voice. Religion, gender is tail and man, head. Africa sensation expands the scope and reduces women to home. I am aware that women and girls are less technical savvy than men. I ask why? Why are people always trained to get a chance and get a priority to access the same and during the olive season? Why are women after learning about new opportunities later and giving the last chance to access the same? Then I realized that the world is not better. Imagine if the internet teaches a woman, does not it educate the world like they say?

Women and women's preparation of technical skills can help, especially now where every job has digital things. Whether it's fruit shops, restaurants, etc. Can knowledge on the internet / technology help. But the real problem in Africa is that most girls and women, especially those in rural poor areas, do not have access to the internet, those who can access the internet at very high costs. The internet is slow and broken. The email is still more urban; many do not know how to use the internet with business awareness or skills. And I'm disturbed. Troubled about what to do?

UNESCO 2013 report states that 65 million children worldwide do not have access to education. 29 million girls are illiterate in Africa, while 17 million girls are from school in Africa. It's quite illogical when a few people feel threatened when women get access to education? For example, I mean how injuries when sending the educated women do not marry and make them insufficient in community planning. I know, however, that marriage is not the end but a way of communion. However, all of these accounts sometimes make our women vulnerable and less interested in becoming what they are.

According to the Economic Economic Forum 2016 Gender Report, that we do not want gender equality for 118 years, I agree with the report and see how to help turn the wheel. As girls and women further strengthen the majority of men, I think women who brought a case have not really helped me, but to create a sex scene. And, as I see, education against gender equality is identified as bullying, assaults, bombings, kidnapping and killing of gender roles. It is humble belief that women who brought a case should be reconsidered. Sexuality of the sexes should involve men in group work and open talks with local people to the international community. I will recommend that the United Nations women be led by men and let us see if we have no new consequences.

From Kampala to Madagascar girls and young women are doing their best to make an impact in international space. In Dakar, for example, Awa Caba is building e-commerce; where local fruits are sold to cities while improving their welfare. In Nigeria, Linda Ikeji from is using written skills to write news reports on their blog and rank with high income every day. As a result, women who are the best employers worldwide will be trained in how to use the internet in expanding their social networking, business, creating new friends and contacts. And when this is done, the benefits will rob us all.


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