Midlife Women – Are You Ready To Bloom?

I speak to many women who adore recognition when I mention that my work is helping women flourish in the middle class.

"Oh, I could use it!" They will say wistfully.

Usually they tell me a little about their story. And it usually follows a familiar pattern, one of several events I realize, so many of us are faced with the last 40 years of age.

Is any of them your story too?

  • Your children have grown and went home, went to a vacuum where your senses should be.
  • Your marriage is over, and you wonder if there is life after divorce.
  • You lost your "safe" job and do not know where to turn, or who should be.
  • You are stressed and bored at work and hoping it's alive.
  • You are watching a retirement and fearing your empty space.
  • You have had a sick illness and feel a renewed commitment to using precious time.
  • You have put all your other needs apart from your own and you are asking if it's too late to live your life to put your work into the world.
  • You have a vision once to create something beautiful and meaningful to your life and this perspective is damaging you now.

Whatever the reason, if you look like the women I'm talking to, feel good and wonder where your purpose and joy are gone and how to find them. You know you get so much more – but what exactly looks may eluding you.

You probably always wanted to make a difference in the world, but decided to do something "practical" instead. So many of us were put on the "practical" song in our youth and found out to give up our ideals or creative hopes.

The dreams you put in a drawer for a long time are now looking for your attention again. You might have been considered a dreamer in your youth, but maybe these dreams are exactly what the world needs now!

Maybe you're one of those who have so many talents that you've never been able to choose what to focus on and you've always found something wrong with you. But now you can be ready to combine your gifts into the original form of expression that the world has never seen before! You will not know until you try!

What would fluorescent look like?

What can you expect when you take steps to change your life?

When it's in line with your purpose, your energy gets out and you can find more energy than you have for a long time. You will also find yourself in a more psychological space. It's like you've lived in a small room and suddenly the walls have been broken apart or even opened completely and you're out, at ease.

You will notice that synchronicities happen and opportunities are created "miracles". You'll feel more creative and playful. It may even feel like you have to love – with your own potential!

Every way requires effort and patience, but this will make you easier because you'll feel more alive and excited about your vision. Above all, you will know that your timing is perfect – you're right on time! And what you want to create is not only possible, but has been waiting for you!


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