Mission and Power: Communication is key

Successful delegation requires clear communication

When you decide to assign a project to someone, this person can see it as a welcome guarantee that shows your trust in him or her or just another job to add when the burden of workloads. As it is, it can be highly dependent on how well you interact with the person during the conversation.

Three elements will be sent and approved from the beginning to convey the project to success:

o WHAT project is. Defining tasks clearly. While you may decide to open the process at your own discretion, you must explain exactly what you want the result to be.

o WHY you send it to them. You should choose the one who will make the project based on their current ability or ability to quickly acquire the necessary skills. Explain this reasoning in the first discussion.

o WHERE fits the project in the big picture & # 39; of your department or company as a whole. People do not feel that they are just worthless, insignificant jobs, but even a small project can affect a larger desired result — it's your job to help them see it.

o When must be completed. Be clear not only of the closing date, but also of the temporary points that need to be met by certain dates. This may be associated with disturbing reporting to monitor the ongoing activity.

o WHAT are a resort. If cost becomes necessary tell them what the budget is and how they can access the money. If people are available for help or support, make sure everyone is aware of this. If training is needed, explain how to get it.

The first step of the delegation is to think so by clearing yourself to make sure you have all this information within reach before you meet the man. Next, explain each of the above items clearly. Finally, in discussion, ensure that the other person has the same understanding of the process as you do.

The delegation has benefits for both parties. When executives perform tasks they have been doing themselves, they save time. When subordinates are entrusted with important tasks and responsibilities, they have authority.

It is done for both and for the entire organization.


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