Modern housewife

The older I get, the more I look at my mother. How did she do that? She had a husband, two daughters and two jobs. She kept our house clean, meant we had three meals a day, held down her weight and served as manager of one of her jobs. And through my childhood I never realized she was stressed. Now, on the other hand, sometimes I'm between my two sons and my household and my online business, I feel like I'm drowning without living on the spot. (Can anyone not please throw me a rope?) But I continued to go to water and wonder if it will be easier. (What am I doing wrong here?)

Women of these days have done everything. It was once when men went to work and women were at home and kept home and children, sometimes throwing dinner and playing the perfect host for guests. Now it is assumed that we can work and do all I mentioned. How is this possible? Are there even enough hours a day? When do we sleep? And without having sent our childhood to prepare to be a mother and wife, (I wanted to be a rock singer.

I think the secret is slowing down. Everything does not have to be perfect (even if you believe Your mom did it like that.) Do not focus on little things. I mean what would really happen if you can not cook the perfect turkey for Thanksgiving? Would all your friends and family go? Will your husband hate you? then you go. You rather take out of this beautiful little French restaurant in the city center. (Who really likes Turkey?) And if he hates you, you still need a hole, understand better than that … But probably they will be because they are your friends and they love you, and he will love you anyway. That's why you marry him in the first place. be perfect.

And we can not forget to spend time doing what we love. For some of you it may b e baking mistaken for all classmates child. To me it's a good book, a bubble bath and a glass of wine. We can not forget to treat ourselves correctly. Remember? We were people before we became women and mothers.

I say this a bit, to find out that we should not forget about the daily scheme. Those earrings that he did not buy, even after all the clues you send in December? Buy them for yourself. You deserve it. (And sometimes people are just unforgettable. God loves.)

And I think one of the best things to remember while trying to figure out this whole family is not to forget your girlfriend . We women on this ground have a special bond. Nobody else really understands us better than another woman. We are not the enemy. We are forever sisters, men. Hang on each other. As we learn to truly love ourselves, we can truly love others in our lives. Good luck and many blessings for you.


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