Money and happiness: How much do you need?

Since we are young, we are learning to connect wealth and money with success and happiness. Your favorite Hollywood stories are generally considered good from a physical point of view, but does it make them happy? One moment on the cover page of our nutritional products tells us that it is clearly not. So how is the money going and how much do you have to be happy?

Happiness research tells us there are two types or levels of happiness. The first comes from meeting our basic needs. This means being safe from danger, reliable healthy and with adequate food, shelter and clothing. The second kind of happiness comes from achieving a certain level of self-esteem and recognition. This is where we are having trouble. One of the ways we recommend this arbitrary goal is by comparison. We look at our piers, the house in which they live, the cars they drive, the children's schools, and what mobile phones they use. The problem is that there is always someone with more. We are setting goals that we can never achieve. As we reach more goals, we continue to move further, which can lead to constant feelings of failure and unhappiness.

Certainly, part of the solution is how we value our own worth. It's the first step to divide it away from money or material wealth. It has already been decided that in excess of a certain point of time there is little correlation between increased wealth and increased happiness. When you get used to a certain amount, you will simply "reset" your understanding of the normal and the desire to achieve more.

So where do we change our focus? Having a sense of purpose that is not money is the first step. Choose goals that are reasonable to achieve, which can break down into steps that you have the ability to achieve. Perhaps learning to speak a new language. Like every week, you can add new words and sentences.

In addition, we need to focus on victory. What have we done that we are happy with today, this week, this month, and this year. Another approach is to "want what you have". Notice what you have and not just the content. Noon coffee with friends. Short from family members with a beautiful mind. A compliment from the acquaintance.

If you find it hard to compare, you might want to compare yourself when either you were not as well or when you struggle to gain the foundation of life.

The answer to how much money you really need to be happy is enough to meet the basic needs of security, food, shelter and clothes. For most couples this will probably be about $ 40,000 a year give or take. After that it's just a sauce. For most of us, to compare ourselves to how far we are about to meet this fundamentally, we will help us wake up with a smile on our face and hope in our step!


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