Moral Empowerment of Youth today

As someone said tomorrow needs to be successful for at least 10 years of smart work. Achieving high glory or highest levels of academic or professional career requires warlike preparation. It requires precise planning, periodic allocation of time, total thinking for the process and the outcome, a few exercises and finally performed with surgery.

Excellence in education provides the immunity scope for each person to occupy the status of the organization and the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and skills when completing his work. Today, today's student is a leader tomorrow and if they are not taught major leadership skills like Elocution and Public Speaking, our students can not be seen in the group and their prospect of leading from the front will be clean.

And it is the responsibility of parents and teachers to teach their children moral values ​​in life so that when they grow up and pick up key things, they do not work for themselves and their relatives, but for deprived and neglected people in society. In the days of joint families in India, where all the children together with their partner, with their parents, the daily dose of counseling was done by all ages to younger generations.

With the rise of industrial unions, families dismantled their jobs for employment. Although the transformation has proved to be exciting at the beginning, the 2 + 2 family has encountered and has shown a negative impact on the life and lifestyle of the generation that came after 90 years. The kids do not listen to their parents after the 12th grade. At this age, they need external guidance on personal development. Lots of options are available for career development but not for developing value. And, consequently, social turmoil.

Who needs to receive this?

All of us, because we can not be fooled audience because of worsening apply in society. Religious instruction can be of little help, although they try to convey the message through history or with anddote. They should combine a regular dose of counseling, either at home or at university. Organizing campsites, with the nature of construction as one of their goals, will provide scope for families to meet and we have to take time for it.

Asking children to participate in social work will expose them to the significant reality of the world and only with such work experience can they build their personality. It can have little effect and it will do a lot of things as they go along.


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