Negative intensity

Strength, that's good – right? Whenever we have the ability to empower someone to do their best or make good decisions, it's positive in their lives. So how can we get into the trap of negative dominance? And what exactly is the negative power of attorney?

Have you ever noticed what happens when you confirm any negative emotions? Have you ever had experience of being a passenger while driving another driver? As soon as you say something like: "What is this guy, can not I believe he just cut you off?" How does the car's driver react? My experience ~ At the moment, the driver's feelings are validated, he is allowed to restart him. It's funny because I've actually put this on the test. When I say nothing, my driver will not do anything. Almost like it never happened once. But when I leave a comment, look out! We are in full swing down the road and try to get revenge in play.

It can happen to our children also when siblings choose each other. As a parent is a fine line we go. Knowing when to step in and when to keep calm, so they learn to work it out, is important. When we decide to intervene and deal with injustice, have you noticed how the child who believes he is "chosen" increases the situation? Even when you are neutral, the "chosen" child is power to negative if they think we have taken a side. It gets so bad as soon as they think we've confirmed their feelings.

Emotions are complex. Rather than control their feelings, many people allow their emotions to control them. And as soon as they realize that someone else is in the same way they see it, take that feeling and the situation is in a bad way. I tried to think I was only in the mercy of others and their instability. But when I realized how my words were to enable them to respond to a negative way, I could see that I had power in a situation and could choose another. How great ~ the power of consciousness!


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