Patience is the key to happiness

Patience. There is one side of personality that can be both incredibly precious and harmful at the same time. It's the ultimate high wire challenge. In business it will still be challenging. I am faced daily with decisions about when to be incredibly patient in waiting for answers and when to be very impatient when trying to get a new business involvement.

The way we choose life, the learning options we do, the car we drive, the house we live in, even the people we choose to participate in our lives, such as our wives, husbands and friends, all have a few close relationship with how patience we have. Too much patience and the term "diagnosis paralysis" and "lack of action" become the model; too little patience and "careless" and "hard" become a mantra that we are celebrated.

What is the answer then? How do we know how much patience is too much and when is too little patience become too dangerous. Many business books tell us, "work quickly, with the intestinal bowel based on experience and best information" the best way to make a decision. Others tell us that "fixing matrices and thorough shopping" would be the best way to respond. Read ten business books and you will get ten different opinions about decision making, leadership and management. It is a parallel to reading diaries, not two always the same, each with its own rules and answers. How can we possibly know what's right?

The answer is that no "one" of them is completely correct, but each contains clues and options that we can build in our own personality to make changes and build results. I make mistakes daily trying to produce headphones closer either because I have taken too long or in many cases too quickly and worked before I had all the information. In the end, my performance will not be based on patience or impatience; My ability to respond quickly or wait until I have detailed information. My success will be based on my ability to react to the changing landscape. It's my ability to respond to the environment, change a course when necessary, to steer the sail against wind or let the ship flow with it, it's my ability to classify courses, but keep moving more to make some moves and correct all while maintaining the bulb at the perfect destination.

My good friend went to the CPA exam in the first place (not very simple feat), in fact, it did, far back when it was a three day experience. He was repeatedly asked what his secret was. Did he get one more content than the other? Did he get a review time? Did he make more variety or essay? His answer was simple … "I learned my ass off". I often hear people talking about the latest weight loss or strategy when the answer is as simple as inserting your headset and practicing, eating healthy food and closing your bread when someone asks you if you want seconds. Success is not based on patience or lack of it; it is not bound by the latest management or fashion; it is not challenged by how educated you are or how many opportunities you are getting; Finally, one of the most important signs you need, perseverance and ability to change and respond to new situations. It's your ability to define your goals, use common sense, and keep it out of the mood no matter how often you've set yourself down. It's your ability to go back and forth in water, but always have your eyes on a perfect goal.


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