Patient support

Patients can soon be generally able to view the results of the study, thanks to a new order submitted by the Faculty of Health and Human Rights. This means access without permission or release from their providers. This is a victory to strengthen patients and step in the right direction.

Classic patients do not see the results of the study. The busy primary doctors are often left with nothing but "no news is a good news" approach to studying labs with patients. Or they stamp the Lab report "normal" as long as they do not fall out of the gigantic thresholds set by Labs. So patients can not see how "normal" they are or how things have moved in the past. This means that patients who are not in contact are supposed to be "fine". The data show that 20% of research is lost and not reviewed by doctors, so patients at home believe that it is ok when it can be far from the truth.

The debt should not be fully paid to the doctor. Often they are overwhelmed by having a busy day of patient visits to enable them to generate income for work and keep the door open and still have to spend a significant part of the day doing things that do not pay the bills or bring in earnings to pay Their staff: review patient messages and questions, consult consultation comments on their patients and expectations to review each lab, test and procedure on their patients. With this great on their albums, things are bound to be forgotten or just plain missing. This is a problem in the system, not medical issues. Healthcare system that only improves patient visits means one of three things that have been done by laboratories: either you meet face to face with your doctor, you get "all looks good" from their staff, or they are simply ignored.

Enter the patient, who starts to understand the important role they must play in their health. It is up to them to navigate their way. Now they help play a role in determining what treatments or ways of life are taken, interact with the service provider to maintain regular relationships, keep track of regular monitoring and screening, and now manage their data to ensure that things are monitored .

There are few systems and practices that support patients' abilities and well-being. More and more physicians are realizing that the agent is actually a relief for his exercise and not a burden. Their questions are more accurate and relevant, they continue on their laboratory and screening so you do not need it, and generally they are making better lifestyle choices to enhance your self and later your exercises. It's time to truly embrace them and provide them with tools to connect with you and attract more of them. Take a look at the Hello Health platform, built to empower patients and take some of the daily burden of doctors. We will all be a bit healthier.


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