Peace, commitment and intensity

These three words have come up again and again this week, and while they can seem like individualized and different ideas, they are intertwined with each other, like me and my business.

Let's start with peace.
When I think of my top values, peace or peaceful has never shone my head. That's not what I did not want to feel good. It has never been important.

Over the last decade, although I have some time in my opinion, I have noticed this wonderful feeling in my body, in my essence. I breathe better, bigger, fuller, deeper. I mentioned this feeling and felt it was "peace".

I realized that I had missed this feeling. Yes, life has been enough and it's a lot to happen, but I was surprised to realize how important peace was needed.

I'm looking for the next coach, as I really believe in the power and even need coaches and coaches. Earlier this week I had a Discovery Call with a coach. We discussed various ways in my business and potential skills between me and potential coaches. What he told me is that his company operates in 90 days blocks, and during that 90 days, coachee commits to a certain exit or goal.

Now, as a smart business owner and coach myself, I get the power of the commitment. But for some reason, when he spoke to this coach, he said it differently to me. This idea to present one way or one goal for 90 days … and the idea that I have not thought like I've thought I've been … that's definitely made me go, " Hmmmm … "

Finally, a big: power.
Since Mark and I have been dealing with the last five months, it looks like it's finally closed. Funny enough, in this wind down and really eventually could be close, I've been stimulating and certainly not at peace. (I told you that these terms were linked.)

What I realized, and this was magnificent, was because this condition was primarily Mark's state, I could not do anything about it. I was very impressed, but I could not make a call, take action, etc. because other parties can not respond to me. They can only see Mark.

I realized that this was the third time in my life that I have found weak: my childhood (one long big time), the explosion of my first marriage, and then this. I was explaining how bad this was for me, this feeling of weakness. I crossed the Emotional Guidance scale from Abraham-Hicks printed at the office to show him that it was in the lower part (ie "bad") in the table. Well, it's not just in the section "out of the vertebra" in the table, it's at the bottom of the table along with despair, fear and sadness.


I have assigned to one of the things I do for my clients and people in my programs were strengthening them. I just never knew how necessary to meet for me. Indeed, it is probably more lack of powers that have thrown me into a loop. No one should feel powerless.

So, how are all these related and what does it mean to you?
Well, first, they relate to me because they all got up at the same time. If I'm not a representative, it affects my feeling of peace and ability to commit. If I'm powerless, how can I commit myself to something? However, if I can take off my power (or at least acknowledge how this temporary condition made me feel weak), I'll be in greater peace. If I continue to choose peace, I will be better able to commit, take action, make decisions and serve the world.

Next to you … How do you bring peace, commitment and authority in your life? Are you in peace? Do you want to be? Are you doing out full or just playing it safe? Are there places you find powerless? What can you receive your power?

Third, what ideas appear for you in your life? What does it mean to you? What messages are they trying to give you? What action do you need?

May you be alone with all that you do.


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