Peace, happiness and God

The ultimate goal of any human pursuit is said to be happiness. But can you achieve success once? Can money buy happiness? Do great achievements bring true happiness? The truth is that riches, achievements and achievements can have a name, fame and pride, but they are not happy. If the lack of money and success brings mourning and suffering to their property, it does not really give happiness. The question then is how to find this awesome end of human pursuit? How can you be peaceful and happy, regardless of whether you have success or failure in life?

Lord Krishna gives answer to this eternal quest for mankind in verses 2:66 in Gita. He says:

It is neither intellect nor Bhavna [feeling for God] for Ayukta [un-united] and one missing Bhavna, there is no peace. To those without peace, how can it be happiness? Chapter 2:66

Mankind has ignored these words of God in search of happiness. Lord Krishna clearly states that without a person being united (with God) he can not have peace and peace, he can not be happy. Not only this, Lord Krishna says that an uncomfortable man does not have intelligence.

All that one has to do to achieve peace and happiness is to merge with God. And for this he does not have to leave his sister with wealth, success and success in life. As described before, God is self-conscious and wisely homosexual toward all beings with the recognition that everyone is God. A self-perceiving person and other animals like "different men and women" are not united with the wisdom of God. Against this person who is free from the self and who sees all the animals as God is united with the wisdom of God He will be saved from sorrow and gain peace and happiness.

In order to save the beings from self and unite them to God, Lord Krishna in Gita says that the creatures were not entitled to fruit action and should therefore to implement actions that abolish fruit to God. Describing these words of God, most writers say that one should do their work without worrying about fruitful action. However, they do not say how to prevent having worried about the fruit during action. When you take care of the fruit of action (success or failure) like "me" and exhibitions with a mind on the items, he automatically switches to In addition, when one sees the fruit (success and failure) as "mine", it is no longer true to God's law, which says that man is not entitled to fruit. All that really has to do is maintain the intellect with the thought that the fruits of action are from God. And when the fruit grows in the form of success or failure, joy or sorrow, one must spiritually deny fruit to God by saying that success, failure of joy or sorrow is from God. When one exhibition work happens with constant intellect that is stuck on God and believes that all is happening to God and all fruits of action are from God, one does not have to worry about fruit. He is then united to God and this will give him peace and happiness. Since he is not thinking about things, he will not be attached to things as stated in verses 2: 62-63. He will break a chain that begins with attachment and causes desire, anger, deception, confusion of memory, loss of joke and death. His intellect will be stable and he will not perish but become an inevitable creature.

The wisdom of confirming man's thinking by telling fruitful action to God has been called the Buddhist-Yog (Discipline of Intellect) by Lord Krishna. Without one, united God with Buddha-Yog, one can neither have peace nor happiness and can not be saved from constant births in different bodies. Anyone who performs actions without telling fruit about God is bound by action. He loses his wit because of attachment, desire, anger, etc. And take another birth into a new body.

As the name is called, Buddhi-Yog is cognitive and you do not have to change any lifestyle and practice to practice this yoga. In order to maintain man's wit and achieve peace and happiness to unite God, one's thoughts must be avoided and not in action and pleasure. One needs to carry on in usual actions and pleasure as before, with constant wit, stuck on the idea that all fruitful action is from God and God enjoys the things of the senses. This will save him from desire and self, unite him to God and give him everlasting peace and happiness.

All beards are free of peace and happiness and all die where Yog's wisdom has not been understood. When the creatures understand and follow this highest wisdom of God, they will not only gain peace and happiness, they will stop taking birth in different bodies and become animals that are not a phenomenon.

One has to grasp the word of God seriously and understand the true occasion of these words. He needs to realize that God is his goodwill; that God has given self-knowledge and wisdom to Yogs for his well-being and happiness. He must believe in the words of Lord Krishna in Leviticus 2:66 that he can not have peace and happiness unless he is united with God with Buddhi-yog. The same wisdom that will give the peace and happiness of man will also give him self-esteem and make him an inevitable creature. It will lead the world to a new age where all beings will live in peace, happiness and unity to realize that everyone is God.

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