Re-engineer your life

The middle age gentleman had a cruel look at his face. All his efforts had come to nothing. After so many years he had nothing to show, for life, which could otherwise have been better. Wrinkles were etched on his face, like lines over cards to nowhere.

He decided; Enough was enough. The next twenty years would not look like twenty years passed. As he took a massive collection of books in the public library, it was a hard-bound leather book that seemed to have seen generations go by, fall out. He lifted the book and took life-threatening information, on his yellow pages, line by line.

Message read:
1. Highlight the current moments.
2. Take yourself and your needs in the fields of finance, work, education, relationships and health seriously.
3. Do not be disturbed by things and events that do not matter in the long run.
4. Do not seek approval from others. You have only one chance in life.
5. Do what works for you and repeat it constantly.

For him was a life-changing moment, the moment that would continue to change his destiny. At the fire of the old Victorian Bungalow, thoughts originally came to him, shaking off the crane, to the currents of sparkling water. He decided to capture the thoughts, so that they depart from my deceit.

The thoughts he wrote on the page went as follows: "In the Soviet Union, they had 5 years of plans to develop their economy and monitor progress." Start date and end date and end of year

The project will cover five areas of life mentioned in the book Next you have a record for every five years to evaluate the start date and the end date. The year emphasizes, ie 12 months starting today, would rather have progress for every 12 months in all the areas mentioned . At the end of 90 days, it's 4 times a year, you would enter the file, the progress you've made every 90 days, for the restoration of your life.

It does not change the above. Have a magazine divided each month 30 days for each goal in the 5 areas mentioned. Limit to 1 or 2 goals at a time, in every 5 regions, to success. Draw lines and columns on monthly Ch art and mark in re itina, if the task you have decided to do that moves you towards your goals has been done for the day. This would help you to complete your monthly performance later. "

For example, the gentleman thought that he would improve his finances by having a separate compartment for savings, investment and costs, and building on them. For health, he could eat smaller portions, eat properly, exercise more regularly, and think about each activity is listed in the 5-year reorganization of the file. Every task completed in 5 years was documented on paper, to see progress or more attention.

The thoughts went through his mind so fast, the man was emptied , and pleased. He knew that the next 5 years would not look like the previous 5 years.

With gratitude in his eyes, he thought of himself the best years in his life, wrinkles and eaten on his face disappearing, changing smoothly edge, love with elixir youth.

The pen fell out of his hand and he went towards peaceful deep sleep for 1000 years, the peace he never had Dur enj oyed, before he came to the fate of the book, one fine day in the library, not so long ago.


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