Self-confidence, community service and intensity – Part 1 of 2

Attention teachers! Challenge students to use their uniqueness as a contribution to making a positive difference in the world with community service and support young people. By participating in the schooling community service agreements, students raise their social awareness of social responsibility as defined in the guarantor: Provide empathy, understanding, and helping others; to respect the rights and beliefs of others. Students also participate in collaborative teamwork, dispute resolution, critical thinking and problem solving by creating and organizing community services. Students increase self-esteem with experience. Therefore, your self-esteem will be your opinion.

Keys To Be Successful

From my personal experience of creating and managing successful community services for seventeen years, here are a few keys to success:

– Socially self-esteeming programs are unprofitable. Self-confidence will always be enhanced by the experience of serving, helping and leading.

– Allow community service to be an inborn response to needs. Ask for volunteer students. A benchmark for the program could be students who have an attitude of recognition and tolerance towards others and have commitment and respect for the environment.

– Community service program could have two components. One part of the program could be incorporated into the school day. Also, it could also be a school component of the program, which would include a student's weekly commitment for a certain number of months.

A complete description of two aspects of effective community service can be found in Part 2 of this article.

– Longevity will determine the performance of the program.

Be prepared for growth with this application because everyone can serve; There is no need to exclude anyone.

The actual student feedback on the program has been: "I listen to." "Thank you for believing in me." "I know I can make a difference in the world." When students truly know and feel that they can make a difference in the world with their actions, they have the power. Alliance approval programs allow students to work heartfelt first and the energy of young people will change the world. Your student graduates will be heroes for all adults who participate in your community service.


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