Self-conscious, self-reliant and self-reliant

It tells Noah that he brought the animals to the ark in pairs. But there are things that come in three, like self-awareness, self-reliant and self-reliant. Three go hand in hand (like couple). The longer you go the right way, these three will combine and become ONE.

No wonder all three of these concepts begin with themselves. No one can walk the path for you. You are responsible for doing the "work" to trip the trip.

These are "good news". There can not be self-control without self-reliance and none of them without self-awareness. One leads to another and feed each other at the same time. Therefore, when you start on the way to any of the three, you actually begin to go to all three together.

What is self-awareness?
This is a journey to your inner self; to meet you and to understand you better; be honest and true consideration of who you are, how you see your life, how to hurt yourself and your relationships, how to limit and personalize yourself. It is clear what factors affect your feelings, attitudes, responses and behaviors throughout your life.

What is self-sustaining?
It takes the necessary steps to activate the role that different factors have had on you and prevent you from being "who you really are." It's a way to "become a better person" in the way you perceive yourself and how you encourage yourself to "do better" in your life ("do better" according to your definition of its meaning).

What is self-management?
It's your ability to support you to do things that you do not have the courage to do before; it will be more acceptable; It has a clear view of where you want to go (professional and personal); how you want to get there what ways you will apply for success and change what you think the needs change.

As you walk in this triple path, you get closer and closer to becoming healthy. Contact you, your needs, fears and wishes, strengths and weaknesses. You expand your reliability, your ability to talk about your mind, do what's right for you, and do not feel right (which others want you to do).

Triple SELF is actually one whole

It's very good about this process to get closer to yourself, that's all you start on the move to self-awareness, self-sufficiency or self-esteem – You have started a process to improve who you are and the life you have. This will undoubtedly strengthen you for better personal and professional communication.

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