Self-esteem and Independence – Two Important Features Engage – Reliability and Reliability

What is the number one that most people choose in their workplace and broader in their lives? That's what warns of managing our daily lives. There is a lack of real independence to do what we become and what we can do in our work and in our lives. When we feel forced against the natural flow of things, it increases in our psychic strength.

The fact is that the world at work is only solely done because it is independent nature. When we do not give it to people or worse, if we take it from them, then you can not really fault them and their performance as a direct result, which often affects the overall goal – and indeed the mood of the organization or part of it.

I know in many ways about independence – to a large extent I have had it at my workplace for more than fifteen years or even longer. It's the quality of time and space to & # 39; just do & # 39; the work we are working on and the choice, value-added work that we can do in addition to our total responsibility.

Workplace Independence (or at work ) is the key to job satisfaction, but there are at least some features that we, employees or leaders need to have for independence. We must be able to trust and we also need to be able to rely on producing the products.


If we trust people why should we overload them? Ear management is a boring discomfort in the workplace where people work honestly at work to do good work.


If quality and quantity of work is generally good and there is little renewal, why should you regularly monitor? We know that the vast majority of the time they want to be fine on their own, and they will probably seek help if and when required at all.

Independence is essential in today's world

Self-employed in the workplace is not only an option; They are essential in relation to modern & # 39; s; structure. It is invalid real control and today's daily environment is highly based on trusting its employees and owners to communicate effectively with the realization of goals and achieve the desired results. Relying on reliable employees is needed, not good to have.

Thinking of Managing People and Independence: If Trusted and Trusted, he allows

to define his own management image . The trick for the executive is challenging how to manage individual employees and teams in accordance with this promise. But there is a need for a manager who is emotionally intelligent enough to achieve this goal.

Micro-administrators show their single-born fear to release their authority and control; this is a placement in the most obvious worst, a negative "softer" & # 39; more people friendly way of leadership such as personal effects, charisma and the use of information resources etc.

When we demand from our power over others, we are really scared men deep down. Good leaders are full of calm, loyal faith. And this faith helps them keep in mind who can trust and trust. Then let them be alone and simply support them simply.

Enter Server Leader … totally separate discussion.


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