Self-esteem – Discover the secret to true happiness and more personal power

Recently, many women have turned to a new field of positive psychology in the hope of increasing their understanding of well-being and personal power. By becoming aware and balanced of both happy and focused work in their lives, these women increase their chances of experiencing true happiness.

Positive psychology emphasizes what works well and makes it even better. It's about increasing your level of personal power and creating more fulfilling life experiences.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. Albert Schweitzer

Although women today have more options and options than before, they actually keep in search of true happiness. Many ladies are now finding a sense of emptiness and they want to get rid of these attitudes. Therefore, books are written and there are seminars around the world expressed on the scale of happiness.

As I continued to study women's success from all walks of life, I have come to the conclusion that there is a difference between happy moments and true happiness. However, many women are not aware of this distinction.

Happy moments can be a part of spending the day at the spa, going out for romantic dinner, shopping, spending time playing the ball with the kids, outdoor gardening and so on. There are many women who have a lot of enjoyable moments yet they still feel lost. They do not have a sense of purpose or purpose in their lives.

On the other hand, women who have discovered their purpose, who know their passion, love their work and can actually be committed to making it and spend the most time there. These same women are very successful and they understand the results. Yet they can also experience emptiness. They do not have to feel inner joy and happiness.

And then there are two aspects to happiness scale. I have come to believe that what brings happiness to women comes from balancing between happy moments and working according to their true purpose. Balance does not mean half of pleasure and half of work every day, every week or every month. But rather that the two factors are incorporated into your life on a regular basis.

Live with everything you are in your lifetime. Your award will be a true happiness – Rebecca Thomas Shane.

Ask yourself the following question today: Where are your most energy lies? Are they in search of enjoyable moments or in the basket with a purposeful job?

I think most women spend more time and energy at work, involve themselves and commit themselves to taking care of others.

This is all wonderful. Yet, to take the first step toward developing a sense of personal power, balance, increased harmony and happiness; I suggest you leave for a few moments. Brainstorm a list of things that will help you, and when you organize your week, select some of these features. Start planning and prioritizing.

As you add these happy moments into your life, you will find that you have a balanced and greater identity. By doing things that bring you pleasure and work that burns passion and purpose, you'll find increased satisfaction and personal skills.

Happiness is meant to be a part of every day during this trip. Do not just be happy about a new job, get the next shiny new object or even retire. You're here to be in joy, right now.

I suggest you take an honest record of how and where you spend your energy. This may be completely public for you and help you begin to discover more happiness.


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