Self-esteem for Women: Follow your instincts

Hold your instincts for dear life. It is a power that burns all the good decisions you must make. Actual self-promotion is your ability to keep "I'm right" when others doubt you. And others will always doubt you. So, here are two ways to find reassurance.

Give your bowel some credit

When you choose not to follow your intestines, you say. "I trust others more than I trust." "My thoughts and feelings are not important." "I know less than those around me." Knowing your insight, instinct or intestine, whatever you choose to call it is the guiding system. When ignoring your navigation system, it looks like watching GPS in the car when it tells you to turn left that you approach the dead end.

I think you would never ignore the vehicle's electronic equipment. So why in the world would you ignore your natural?

Two years ago, two years old, ran out of the store and into the shopping center. It all happened within 2-3 minutes. I called a security guard and he quickly said: "We need to go right." But something inside shakes me at the core. Then voice, "Asia, go to the left, he loves the gospel." I allowed myself to finish a second and told the security guard: "You go right, I'm going to the left."

Less than a minute later, there he was in front of the traffic. "Hi Mom!" He beamed.

Continue your instincts for dear life.

Give Your Eyes A Voice

Anyone I Learned To Speak From The Heart I Learned In Preschool. You say what you feel undoubtedly and others answer. When you feel good about anything. No matter how small. Give that voice. Give the voice back life.

Self-management means giving you permission to think, feel and say what you're feeling. You give yourself permission to be you. You say what you feel, no doubt, in fear, but you still say it. Gradually, the fear relieves. Strengthen you by giving your instinct a voice.

In the bet, always bet on you. Do not always think the thoughts, opinions or feelings of others are more important than yours. Not even if he is a shopping mall with labels and everything. Trust yourself. Lead more on this beautiful, yet powerful natural device.

Copyright 2011. Asia Sharif-Clark. All rights reserved.


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