Self-esteem – understand and use the emotional ladder to raise your personal power level

True personal power comes from the art in response to human feelings. You can not work in a successful and happy way in this game of life, if you have not learned how to work with your emotional guidance system.

Part of developing self-esteem is learning how to move from negative emotions to feelings of greater vibration. Emotions can be calibrated. They can also be considered to be rungs on stage; with the lower plots that represent negative emotions and each higher rung that represents a higher emotional state.

The idea of ​​emotional stigma is useful for understanding where you can find yourself now in relation to your love life, career, finances, and overall well-being. It will then help you understand what feelings you need to go up and down to get in a higher vibration of countries and then attract more of what you desire, such as joy, peace and love.

Negative feeling is your tip from your inner being that the action you are considering is not consistent with your greater intentions. – Abraham Hicks from the awesome power of emotion.

Dr. David Hawkins in his work, Power vs Force adjusts the emotions on a scale of 20 – 700+; The bottom feeling is the shame, guilt, disappointment, sorrow and fear, and then bring up the scale of courage to 200 and all the way up to love, joy and peace. It is important to know that this rating is not an accounting scale but loggarithic progress. It's enough to say moving a few points up the ladder is intense as far as possible to increase your personal power and ease.

An emotion that torsens less than 200 is considered a negative feeling and has undesirable effects on the body, mind and soul connection.

The time a woman uses to move to the next higher emotional state may or may not take a long time for various factors and whether she choose to work consciously through a particular condition. For example, choosing to blame others and not taking responsibility for your life experience will slow your progress through different states. There are women who are stuck at a certain emotional time for a very long time, actually for many years.

If you've ever lost a loved one and feel sad, you can remember later, you felt better when you were upset. Those around you could have chosen it when you were in mourning, as you might be easier to treat when you are in mourning rather than anger. However, it was necessary for you to go up in anger to gain courage and then up the ladder still, for confirmation and so forth.

When women experience very negative emotions, those around them do not know how to help them, and thus they consciously or unconsciously manage and control the women and their feelings.

It's important to keep in mind that if you do not believe it is okay to express your anger and then push down the emotional ladder, you will have a positive effect. Every time you get into a state of anger you cause yourself to go back to states like fear and sorrow. You could really get up and go down repeatedly and hold on for a long time. Be aware of having an old emotional baggage coming up while working a certain condition is normal. You will be well served by implementing strategies that can assist you through climbing up your emotional staircase.

No matter where you find yourself on the emotional ladder, what you want to do is work to feel better and experience some relief from the current situation.

When you climbed the real ladder, you would not think about going from the bottom to the top in one step, you would go incrementally and the same idea with the emotional ladder. Moreover, if you were trying to fly through all the emotional states quickly, then you would probably be an emotional basketball. Therefore, chances are you are taking many steps along this emotional ladder.

Each step of the emotional ladder will increase your awareness of themselves and others and allow you to navigate your life with greater ease. With greater ease next to and feel better, we can show more of what you want and less of what you do not want. You really need to increase your personal power.


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