Self-management and facility

The word "self-strength" and # 39; (whether spelled with or without a link) does not appear in my computer technology, nor in my own Essential English or Oxford dictionaries at my place.
There are all sorts of other ones, but not self-power.
So, I understand my own tools to explain what self-sufficiency means to me.

An independent person is me, who himself has found a stable mind in knowing that each individual has his own truth within himself. Realizing that there are many proofs and not just one, will lead to knowing each individual's right to follow his own truth.

The question arises if this knowing causes a mess – if everyone does what he or she wants?

The answer is NO – not when people have an inner knowledge of self-control. Misuse of thinking and monetary optimization will be part of any kind of behavior that no one truly self-sustained person will or is morally capable of making a cheap prize.

In this light, self-esteem is something that comes from a person's psyche. It does not refer to wealth, social status or how much you can show it. Self-management can not be seen, it can not be bought, and it is not for sale in almost a trading place. I mean, could you imagine? – It would be a role for a few weeks or months, marketfully marketed as "having-to-have" by Hollywood Best Sales Representatives and then disposed to the next best – completely hollow and without labeling.

Self-employed is also not self-assured, but important self-esteem self-sufficiency is not an independent power. Self-esteem is the one who buys with wisdom gained through life experience.

Self-awareness is a personal knowledge that you are your highest power. It has to do with who and what you are. It's about you as a human being and not about another's body. Self-power is not something you can touch, but you can find it. Other people can also find your own power, but they can not contact it. They may have a verbal effect on it, depending on the strength and conviction of your own mind.
Others will "see" your strength – silent strength that does not require external support – and they may be afraid of you and take action to ask you in order to reduce your value in your own right, especially if they are in some way in your social or working life as "better".

In recent weeks, I became very unhappy with some people and forgot those who have supported me in a variety of circumstances and thoughts. I was understood in Spanish "enough is enough" conviction and forgot my true self.

After I had swallowed the lawn on the afternoon, I realized that when you are going to a mental / holistic course, it is likely that you will find a time when you find that it is harder than imagined a; and above all – realizing that one can not really turn the clock back after having allowed the "in", so to speak.

Sometimes you just have to sit back and look at the trees to admit that life is really a wonderful process if you simply allow global intelligence to run a life.

To overcome your self (in other words, save yourself from the hopes of others) and put your true self out there is an awesome thought, but still completely liberating. That's about "moving on" with your life; "pull yourself toward yourself and get over yourself" is when a facility is found in being not a self-esteem – and just being. Not so? And the master knows that he / she is missing it.

One can find structure within this knowledge and actions that are not self-esteem – even in the light of the world that attacks everything with a marking machine.

Your truth lies only with you. To live this knowledge through your life is to live life from the point of view of the soul.

To put it simply – that's all in the attitude.

Taking the above manner according to advice; where is it then lead them? Saints and visions of the past, like Gandhi and modern writers like Deepak Chopra, spoke everything and talked about the essence of love because the essence of love is the expansion of self-esteem as a lover. Wonderful! Very good! But what does it actually mean?

Whoever has to complete the balance of life is the one who has the ability from within – those who realize that they are equal partners with God – symbolize what we can not see in our 3D linearity and do not put it on unreachable walking and making it unprofitable goal. It's the one who has a facility and that's everyone that wants to be with.

There must be no misunderstanding; Passion for a spiritual path that gains man is the result of educating the heart of man through God's love.

A person who is bound to live – who lives to survive – is the one who supplies supplies and hopes to let others down, including next to them. Your heart will be broken often and you will break the hearts of others. You must assign blame – including teaching a new love for past lovers & # 39; fraction.

.. Roots are for insecure people. Your "otedness" must lie in itself and not in external structures and external ideologies. The belief in external "otedness" (when other ideas form our identities) will lead to dropping your dreams and ideas – divide your creativity with dogma. Once you have required certain definitions, you will feel strongly inclined to defend this prerequisite identity – this is a furtive ground for mundane ego. All possible methods will be conceived by your own mind to convince you that you are unsuitable or self-sufficient.

If you believe you are watching, others will believe it too.

Living from the point of view of the soul is to know and receive others as they are, really! Do not just say that, and always know it and know it. It's a way of life, lifestyle and part of the prospect of life. It will be with you every awake moment and move to any conscious and unconscious act. From here you must understand where others have been in life and you will agree who they have become. You will also undoubtedly accept who you have become and allow and invite others to grow.

And above all, you must gain privacy for other people; You will gain inseparable respect for life (understanding that everything comes from one life that is universal energy in its various modes of movement); You must be impressed by all this – and you will have to know that wisdom is truly much more than intelligence.

Being conscious of what you are in relation to others, you must be your own best friend.

"The man who looks at the world by fifty, the same as he did for twenty years, has wasted thirty years of his life."
– Muhammad Ali


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