Self-Strength Through Music: The Power Playlist & # 39;

If you look like me, you can not go to the gym without your music. I gain inspiration, energy and stamina from my personal options to playlists to take advantage of all the fitness. At home, I will put on music when I have to do some mindless but soonheless necessary chores. And when I do not feel so much, physically or emotionally, music has "charms to calm the rescue of the beast" as the saying goes.

In my practice as a psychiatrist and life / business manager, I am often encouraging customers to identify behaviors that are their ability to solve problems. It takes emphasis and energy. Although I do not see a "music therapist" in my own opinion, I believe that the use of musical power can help you inspire your motivation, inner strength and self-esteem.

As a major fan of many (not all) Broadway musicians, I gain inspiration from many of these songs. Others may be inspired by other types, including country / west, hip-hop or pop. I urge you to give this technology an attempt to use iPhone, iPod, or other portable music device to develop an "Inspiration Playlist" to use when you need an emotional boost. Here are some laws to consider and why:

"Defying Gravity" (from the original Broadway cast of "Wicked", sung by Idina Menzel) – This is a great song to resurrect after someone has betrayed, under or been evaluating you.

"Listen" (from the movie site "Dreamgirls", sung by Beyonce ") – This song is about dealing with someone who has tried to hire and threaten you and restore your power back to running Your own life. It's a great song to recover from a crime or cure from abuse.

"I'm Changing" (from both stages and movies "Dreamgirls") – This is a time transition; Forgive yourself from the regret of the past and learn that your future is not judged by past mistakes.

"The Writing on the Wall" (from "The Mystery of Edwin Drood", an original Broadway cast album, sung by Betty Buckley) – This is an accidental recording of the value of one's life.

"If My Friends Could See Me Now" (from the stage and movie version of "Sweet Charity") – This song of pride , victory and just a little gloating helps confirm you in new achievements, reach new heights or just prepare to do so.

"One Hallowe" (from the Broadway musical "Applause", sung by Penny Fuller) – This 60 year old band of unclean (and ruthless!) Because you need to tap into your competitive position and let then get it all you got, no matter what. (In context, this is sung by ambitious cheater "Eve", demanding Broadway star, "Margo" in this musical adaptation of the classic film, "All About Eve.")

"Red Light" (from the original The film "Fame" (1980), sung by Linda Clifford) – This "singer with me" song, sang with the attitude of an African-American woman, is a treat to treat situations reliably when others undermine relationship. It's also about setting limits, not being a victim and telling people where to go when it's time.

"My Own Space" (from the Broadway musical, "The Act" cast album, sung by Liza Minnelli) – This beautiful solo item is about how to stay in touch without losing yourself . It's about how you can love others without draining you.

"Do not Touch My Parade" (from the stage and film of the "Funny Girl", sung by Barbra Streisand) legal determination, bravura and optimism, great for energy in preparation for dealing with the challenge

"Leave Ána Run" from the band "Working Girl", written and sung by Carly Simon) – This driving device, a powerful song is an unprecedented in English optimism and idealism and free power that you are.

"My Turn" (from the band "Turn Me", sung by Diana Ross) – This gentle ballad of self-determination is the song that encouraged me when I was 20 years old to come out of the closet. It is about acknowledging the right to your own happiness, even if others do not support you. Perfect for people just coming out, taking a new job, moving to a new city or doing any positive transition in life.

"Create Your Own Kinda Music" (sung by Cass "Mama Cass" Elliot) – This phrase of sensitivity 60 confirms you when nobody else looks or when others & # 39; Envy tries to tear you down.

"I am a woman" (pop music from the 70th edition of the women's movement, sung by Helen Reddy) – Even for a boy, this song can produce energy. It is about demanding a restrictive, oppressive, selfish attitude of others and liberating; part of being a movement of people who no longer becomes a victim or oppressed, in an uplifting head of state independently and jointly. It also raises a value of 70 for progress, boldness and strength in numbers. We could all be reminded of these political and social values ​​of temporary times that could revitalize hearts and minds.

"Better to Livin" (Pop Music From Just A Few Years, Written and Sung by Dolly Parton) – This song got my own overall feeling for several years. Her message is about coping with your own inertia, requiring your own negative thinking and embracing a new self-esteem to improve your life, done with the national hospital style of the inimitable "Backwoods Barbie" herself, Dolly Parton.

"Fk You" (popped by Bruno Mars and sung by Cee Lo Green) – This aggressive national anthem of powerful confrontation (the ineffective "forget about" for radio) is the ultimate expression of anger injustice, about a man who is hurt by a girl for not enough money, but it fits for whenever you have been guilty of someone else for stupid reasons.

"I'm What I Am" (from the Broadway musical, original or revival, "La Cage Aux Folles", with the original sung by Tony-winning George Hearn, closing the first act of the show in full dragi) – This wording of power to be homosexual society was obviously classic in 1983, a team of strong defiance against those who would oppress others, whether or not. The relative message that your life is what you do of it is true today and is the ultimate energy for someone who searches for the inner core of strength and dignity.

Try downloading from iTunes or any other digital music company and playing them in the gym, during a process, running or whenever you want to use the power of music to power and encourage your dreams and goals.

Music treatment can be a part of building your self-esteem and healing from being "beaten down" alive. It can be part of the overall counseling and training plan.


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