Spiritual Enrichment

Those of us in a spiritual way have undergone significant changes in the past or two. We have purchased "enlightenment," greater peace, positive energy and healing. One of the most important guards I believe is what I would call "spiritual enrichment."

If you think of the past decades – even centuries – you can see the amount of people raging on others outside themselves – documentaries in church, government, etc. – for advice, advice and even more worries, for faith, ideas and thoughts.

This simple custom took place in the 20th century and even in the late decades, where people in large color looked for others to guide them in their lives. Even among the spiritual community, both in the east and west, we looked at the "expert" and other gentlemen. While respecting and returning to others is a positive exercise when we do it by not listening to ourselves or developing our own knowledge of knowing and by looking at others to "cure" us and tell us what to think, we make ourselves both personal and spiritual abuse.

It has been a gradual, but marked, change in recent years towards people looking into oneself for answers and beyond themselves to others simply for ease, but not to say what to do or what should think. This is a blessed positive spiritual change, because not only to reduce our stress and strengthen our inner core, it also leads us to vigorously shine with divine energy, thus bringing our energy to a lighter and higher level.

I've seen this change in leading advice to others. I've had a declining number of customers who just want to know what their future likes or want to take care of – and more and more who really want to become easier or guided more efficiently. Healer, as well, are seeing this change. Rather than people who just want to "cure" in an idle way, more and more seek medical doctors after reading and learning about the remedies that could assist the process.

Being "our master ship" is also to deliver. Spiritual intensity does not mean that we will be closed or closed to others; This means, instead, that we continue to open another & # 39; thoughts, what we read and hear and advice experts – when you take all of this "under the guidance", sit down to see what our inner knowing tells us about it and balance what is beyond our minds with what's inside.

What a wonderful change is this movement towards spiritual self-determination! Many of us have taken this positive way of being and do not want to go back to any previous mode.

Shifts happen – and oh how positive they can be!


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