Spiritual intensity for seven days

Different talented people can be classified into three categories – physical, cognitive, and spiritual. The strength of these talents varies from human to human. Just as the intellectual quota increases with the increase of intellectual abilities, the emotional level of men increases, as spiritual ability increases. The modern person knows much more about strengthening his physical and mental abilities in comparison with spiritual spiritual reforms. Traditional religion provided the discipline and practice needed to increase mental abilities. However, in scientific age, the grasp of faith has weakened because some believe that religions contain dogma that is not sensible or attractive.

This article describes seven steps that you can personalize on the path to spiritual sources. Since physical and intellectual abilities are underlying spiritual abilities, these seven steps will lead to improvement in all three areas. In order to follow the steps given here, there is no need for certain religious beliefs, but faith in God or universal knowledge is necessary. On the other hand, you can follow these steps even if you belong strictly to any religious beliefs on our planet. It is a secular knowledge recommended by all the great religions and new philosophies. There is nothing new in what is written in this article, but the layout of the case is new, which matters for our time.

One can become a spiritual magistrate for a week or a million years. The way to become godly can be long or short and hung up where you face. However, it is necessary to take such action because benefits in terms of happiness, security, freedom and success in human endeavors begin as soon as you begin your journey. In order to make it easier, some of the required spiritual inspirations are divided into seven steps, so one can focus on the first on Monday, second Tuesday and so on again to the same session next week. The man will not be perfect in one day, but any reforms made in any particular area will have one march soon towards spiritual identification. If you'd like, you could keep a journal where you record certain improvements that have been made every day of the week.

You must be satisfied with what you can acquire with a fair and honest job. Desiring what one can not easily achieve or is not a proper aspect of life's life is lack of dissatisfaction. Even if our need and desire are necessary, we need to be patient for the International Intelligence to deliver it on time. All we can do is make reasonable efforts to meet the needs. It is not improper to work honestly towards a worthwhile goal but to be impatient to success must be avoided. The Universal Intelligence will provide them on time. So do what you need to be cheerful.

Task: Tuesday
It is necessary to work to create one and to maintain the world's home and social responsibilities satisfactorily, honestly and honestly. If you are unemployed, you should study ways for new jobs, volunteers and self-employed. It is also necessary to order someone from the effort of a person for service. Retired or those who do not have to work for a living can only participate in charity work. Spiritual strength requires avoiding laziness and passive work. However, a fair amount of healthy, non-stressful health should not be regarded as idle jobs but as something that helps maintain a cheerful personality.

Truth: Wednesday
This reflects the truth of speech. If we consider forced to be in a situation then we are in a wrong way and the situation has to change. The case will also be genialt. Silence must be chosen to express the truth when we know it will harm another person. By extending truth values, there is also sincerity and honesty in communication and work of each individual.

Love: Thursday
To love it is necessary to prevent the opposite, it's violence, not just in pain but also in speech and thought. Being a loving man must love all the creatures and show kindness to all creatures. It also means avoiding hatred, strong behavior, envy, malicious intent and gossip and being a forgiving person. Avoid anger even on provocation is necessary for a truly loving person. It also means helping others and doing charitable activities when opportunity opportunities arise without expecting anything back.

Impact on the desire of sexual indulgence, thoughts and behaviors. Since a whole generation is not possible for most human beings, sexual interests must be limited to relationships that are part of romantic love and involve mutual love and hobbies. Sexual indulgence is required for physical pleasure alone.

Purity and Diameter: Saturday
It is necessary to keep the body, clothing and the environment clean and organized. It also means that the food, water and air we consume are clean. We need to ensure discipline in diet, exercise, sleep, work and recreation so that our health stays in the best possible condition.

The first step is to believe in the Lord this universe with all our heart and rely on his love for us. We could worship him in the same way we have learned and considered best. It may include all meditation, prayer, singing, holy texts, etc. It means being fearless and not worried about the future too much, but relying on the Lord to take care of all our necessary needs. It also expects to be not proud or self-sufficient. One must realize how small a person is in this great universe and avoid self-esteem. What we achieve is a gift from the universe and strictly because of our great achievements. Hostility is a necessary value for worship. Loving God also means having a sense of shame and guilt when we are tempted to do a wrong act. It is impossible for a person to be perfect. All we need is to try to improve and make sure we do not justify or support false actions, ie. like those listed in the seven steps above.

You do not have to wait for Monday to get started. The cycle can be started on any day of the week. Get started today. When you start the trip, it will be a joy.


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