Staff Committee is the key to success with leaning

The vocational vocational education concept can be defined as an environmental setting, since people at all levels consider that they have a real impact on quality, service and business efficiency within their area of ​​responsibility. It is a policy and philosophy that enables employees to make decisions about their work. In an organization where the management style is not normal, adopting a management style that includes competence becomes a difficult but important change to succeed in implementing Lean Enterprise Thinking.

Companies that support agents have some common features:

– There are few administrative laws in the organization
– Extensive rules exist with objective responsibility and responsibility
Used as opposed to purely active construction
– Management stands for people's power.

Most experts who know Lean in an organization will probably say something about "… the main opponent to get a poor environment is inability to trust the work and give up a certain order to give people the power to execute their own ideas and be respected as experts in their field … ".

Without this confidence at work, those who know best how to improve their business will not be able to make the necessary changes to eliminate all the waste possible and the idea of ​​continuous reform will not be thoughtful as it will be for Lean to be really good.

Strengthening the work does not mean that managers control and let people do what they like. Instead, you need to set guidelines and goals so everyone knows the limit of how they can work. A task has to be set up that enables managers to adjust the company's policy, but allows the work to find unique ways to achieve these goals and objectives. By letting the work be free to implement ideas within their workplaces, managers will find that the agency is much more productive than following the supervision of a few selected individuals. The taste is to leak himself, despite the talent of all involved.

The process of adapting the power of work within the organization is not the sole responsibility of the management. In fact, the administrator needs to learn to let go without giving up the total measures, but in order to strengthen the operation, the employee must accept it and the responsibility that accompanies it. In short – they have to take it. However, not everybody is willing or able to do, or they do not know how and what it means, so education and conversion need to be done.

Workplace change that truly strengthens the organization's members is a difficult transition to do but one that can be achieved. It takes time and having a coach can be real help. Everyone involved should be patient and realize that the agency is learning a new way of working, but once this transition has been successful, the agency will have taken a big step toward being Lean and not just to lean.


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