Staff Strength

I recently went to Malakka in Malaysia to recover at a particular hotel for a massive conference at the end of 2009. The experience of being able to visit all the suites and rooms was quite fun and gave me a good picture of the quality and service that the hotel offers.

At the end of recce, I sat down with my partner to discuss our observations. Just before we left the hotel, I realized that my parking coupon was not yet validated. I approached the desk staff and asked them to help me with this and this is how the conversation went:

"Sorry, I was with your Azizah dealer, just now (pointing to the lobby) and after such a great conversation, I forgot that Ask her to confirm my parking coupon. "I asked politely.

"Sorry, sir, but this is only for our hotel guests." The front desk lady answered … surprised at my request.

"I understand, but only a small ticket and I'm sure Azizah can see it." I retorted.

"I see, but still … it is strictly reserved for hotel guests." The lady's reception is unwavering.

"Okay, please call Azizah and tell her about me? I pray that she did this …" I was a little frustrated because it was not going there and we just talked a deal worth it over hundreds of thousands of ringgit (Malayisan Dollars). Parking coupons were not a big deal at all, compared to what negotiations we discussed before.

While I was standing there waiting for Azizah to answer, I was wondering why the desk staff were so stiff in their policy. Imagine how things will be if they were only power to make decisions that will make their guests (or potential customers like me) happy? What if their managers told them they could do something to please guests as long as it cost no more than $ 50? I am very confident that decision making will be very quick and people like I will be fond of how managers trust them to do things.

Is not it great if employees are allowed to make decisions? Would not be a lot of unnecessary disturbance for their managers? However, when I look at executives or employers, especially employers, this is not the case. There is still a lot of micro-management; which unfortunately requires time and attention.

The role of a good manager is to give his staff a good framework of the results that we can, strengthen them to make decisions and tell them to trust them. Once this has been achieved, people tend to take a more active approach to their work because now they know they are responsible for the decisions they make. They will also feel that their managers really trust them to do what they need to make their customers happy.

Back in my facility, I finally got my ticket confirmed by Azizah … I smoked knowing that little thing like this made the customer happy.


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