Strength – 10 Strengthen ways to look your best and live with confidence!

Reinforce yourself on the inside and you'll start to look your best outside. We often spend a lot of time and money dressing up with the latest hair styles, lotion, spray, taste, designer clothes, etc. There are many things we can do inside that helps us shine outside.

10 Promoting ways to look your best:

1. Help others. You'll be happy with it.

How can other people help you look great? We are here to serve others and to build our confidence. Happy to help others allows us to walk high with our heads up knowing that we take the time to put others first.

2. Talk and walk happily. God created you.

Why walk as soon as you're sad and talk about yourself as worthless? Almighty God of the universe created you with a unique divine purpose for your life on this earth. Be happy to know that your Heavenly Father celebrates you and lets speak and walk show it.

3. Choose joy, not the question What happens today.

How can you choose joy when there is a problem in your life? True joy comes from peace with God and trusts him. You can live with joy and confidence by knowing that God is with you, even in your day of trouble.

"The Lord is my strength and shield, my heart relies on him and I am helped. My heart runs joy and I will thank him." – Psalm 28: 7

4. Be content with yourself and not the envy of others.

Why do the stress of jealousy and the envy of others make you look the worst? Learn to be happy and grateful for who you are and what you have. God made you unique for a reason. Pray God to help you change what needs to be changed in your life and be happy for others when blessed.

5. Be safe with God and the people around you.

It's nothing like being refreshed to look your best! And God says that those who refresh others will be refreshed themselves. (Proverbs 11:25) When you are generous of your time and money toward God and others, you will enjoy refreshing from the inside that will allow you to shine and look your best.

6. Talk what's true and with lots of kindness.

How do you regard honest, good people in comparison with liars and alleged people? Those who speak the truth with kindness do their best; and it shows on the outside. Honest men look their best, because they live their best.

7. Keep your heart out of desire.

Keep your heart full of healthy, positive and divine desires. The desire in our hearts is what we will think of and talk about. And these are the things that must come true in our lives. So look your best by showing divine desires in your life.

8. Make sure you see yourself.

Okay. So we were not all born look like Barbie and Ken. But we still need to do the best with what we have and learn to "emphasize the positive." Taking care of your external appearance enhances your confidence and increased trust helps you look even better a good little cycle to to start.

9. Be Real. No need to fake it.

Do you usually not find fake miles away? No need to be alone. No need to try to be anyone else, because you are not. You are you. So just be real and be you. Learn to do the best with what you have and make sure who you are. The real you look a lot better than fake you!

10. Wear a smile. Bros God Loves You!

Who can deny a smile to look your best? And who can deny the power of love to put a smile on your face? Even if you do not have a special love your life, have are you always God who loves you? And when you love God in your life, you can only smile and your best.

Get started today. Start putting these ten rewarding ways to practice and make sure you look your best.

Can you gain power on the inside so you can feel your best outside and enjoy life's growing success!


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