Strength – 8 Steps to Enlisting Power

Strengthening yourself is easy. Be confident, remembering to be in focus, is a little harder. Here's how to get the power, then be in power.

Step one: Sit or stand straight. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Think of the wonderful things that have happened in your life, where you felt power. Find at least 6 things.

Step Two: Imagine what it feels like to experience something you did not know you could see, but you did.

Step Three: Now, imagine to succeed in something special, where you really felt the power. (What Happens To Be Happy?) How Do You Stand When You Have Success? What do you look like? How are you feeling?

Step Four: Now, on the feeling of experience, about power, find the calm that's there too. Stand or sit straight and imagine the golden luster of light in the form of a pull on your head.
Feel that light like that course from the tract form into and through the body. How does this feel? Peaceful? Good.

Step Five: Take another deep breath. Continue breathing. As you hold your breath, find your heartbeat in your chest.

Step six: Now, in your mind, find your heartbeat in your left finger. If you can not find it there, find it in your right elbow, or anywhere. Anywhere but your heart.

Step Seven: Wait a few heartbeats or so, then move your heart rate from your left little finger, or wherever you have it, to other parts of your body. (Release your breath when you feel the need, then take another deep breath and hold it as you continue.)

Step eight: Now, when you take control of your heartbeat, get it by will, choose the place you want to be power your heart and move your heartbeat there. Say it's your thumbs thumbs up. This golden luster on your head is continuous and flows down, through your right thumb thumb. Feel the power!

Do it often today – until you find your power just by thinking about your powerhouse. You now have permission and after using this technique often, you will be able to hold your power!


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