Strength and leadership – Proven and true methods for women scientists

These are 50 pages produced by the ABA Commission on Women in the Career, based on focused interviews with lawyers in over 100 law firms and companies. The project was directed to the adoption of steps to correct the gap between women in law schools (50%) and that the number of female partners in large law firms (13% in 1995, which rises to 17% from 2005, according to much discussion New York Times article) rather than examining why these discrepancies exist. Lean, tight and directive, the project hits its goal.

The publisher in 2003 offers the best practices in the following areas:

  • Culture
  • Market
  • Internal Women
  • Network
  • Work Project
  • Managing Participation [19659004] Compensation

Best Practices Overview (5 pages) describes tangible steps that companies (and often companies with lawyers) can perform to provide structure and structure that supports women in promoting law jobs. The suggestions can be discussed in some broad principles:

1. Create an initiative of women and / or diversity that has purchased from managers. Set policies and procedures to encourage women's presentations and work / life-alignment and surveys to determine how effective these programs are.

2. Make sure that women are in the hands of the company's customers, other lawyers in the company (for sale and referrals) and for network and market events that are successful in business development.

3. Create suggested groups and other opportunities for women to interact with other women in the company.

4. Designed system to ensure that work is assigned and recommended by team leaders & # 39; success in part based on the professional development of lawyers they manage.

5. Make sure that women have seats in management and compensation committees.

For women who seek professional progress, the thoughts can be summarized as follows:

1. Be assertive. Ask for the work you want, companies you have the desire to introduce, market opportunities and customer impact needed to take place.

2. Be aware. Know who is in control, know who is being treated as a customer and know what the situation is for other women in your company / workplace / geographical area.

3. Develop mentors who can guide you on your career.

4. Be assertive and ask for what you need and want. (Repeat to highlight key theme.)

This book offers a wealth of resources for those looking for action and concrete steps that can be implemented. If you're looking for more coverage on themes, experiences and results, you'll probably want something out for this book; However, I recommend that all women in practice and every lawyer of a different kind read the power of attorney and leadership. It's even available as a PDF download, so you could solve it tonight. For $ 25 and maybe half an hour and half an hour, it's not losing a suggestion.


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