Strength and the role of leadership

A true leader empowers others to find their own great power within them, their own inner strengths and become a great source of substance to another.

In today's world, however, reference is made to leaders as "commanders" or "power hungry". These descriptions have been applied to officials with officers, parents, teachers, etc.

The power itself may be working or it can be a source for strengthening others. Each time you're in a leadership position, make sure to let your new "power" chop your ego and go to the head. Instead, if you try to be a great leader, you must ask: "How can I use my new role to encourage others to be better at what they do?"

A good leader is passionate about the job, but the super leader is passionate about the status and his staff. If you want to be the best manager you can be – get to know your staff! Do not get the role of leadership you forget to be human – take it!

The last thing that employees want is a leader that does not come down and dirty. You will find that the more you show them that you are ready to do mundane tasks like; take out the garbage, write a report, whatever it is … your staff will respect you more.


Because you do not put them above them and when you help them, they will help you again without questions.

The only way you can give your employees is to know them – you need to know what makes them tick. Knowing what motivates a person can help you inspire them, push them and the result is personal promotion. You want your staff to know that you do not want to follow, but want them to believe in themselves and their skills so much that they do not seek to follow.

Focus on their strengths and not their weaknesses. If William Wallace told his soldiers what they were not good at, he did not have such inspiring leaders. Instead, he took his strength and encouraged them to be better and stronger in them – make them a better asset for him.

By satisfying your employees, you are strengthening them. Remember what it was like when your boss complimented you – give them that gift and it will go a long way.

Another great way to strengthen your staff is to run competitions like "most transformed employees" and dangle a good prize like dinner for two, baseball game, etc.

Do not be afraid to sit down with you Work one by one and talk to them, help them find strength in their weaknesses, help them to be better in their strengths and very much you are encouraging them to be better at life. In addition, if they know you'll take time for one on those you get more respect, more work and less transition.

You might be asking yourself: "Why should I?"

The answer is simple. If you take time to empower your employees to get better and more successful, you get three times a prize.

1. Knowing that you have helped others will give you even more power and overall happiness – which means that your home life will be better.

2. Your employees will be willing to do more for you, including being late. Instead of asking a certain person to stay late, you can say, "I need someone to be late" and watch volunteers. It will amaze you! But then you also need to be flexible with your requirements – not always be easy to cover or discipline.

3. By getting better staff flow, less turn over, and increased output your business will reward you.

What are you waiting for? Start strengthening your staff!


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