Strength as a common force

Strength is a term found by consultants. The idea was that when they would go, professionals in the organization could apply what they had learned; They were chosen to do the job. In previous situations consultants went on acquiring knowledge with them.

An example of an external consultant agreed to support an organization is also useful in the field of change management. "If anyone else does, I can not be responsible." This is the first side of the field: make sure people can be responsible.

Value value is as follows:

"We will empower employees by … contributing to personal responsibility and responsibility, along with creative thinking, innovation and enlightened risk factors in all operations."


"We support our people to maximize their potential and contribution."

"We encourage, develop and support our people to take initiative and be responsible for everything they do."

"Setting goals and empowering people to meet them," is an example of where this can go wrong. Think about it: I put the goal and you have to do it. When this goes wrong, what was the problem: The goal I've set (as a manager) or you (employee) who is not authorized? Managers and experts must agree on goals but the exact goal must be agreed and agreed by both.

Another example, authority:

… employee responsibility. Take initiative. Uses personal skills. Do it if it needs to be done. ] Inform managers of obstacles that hinder performance. Deliver the intentions within the professional limits.

This is basically like a clean operation. Sometimes we can only imagine what went wrong with some organizations that they seem to be completely stuck and people have lost their power.

In this regard, think about the relationship you hear about where your partners are completely unable (communicating) to interact with each other. They no longer understand or want to understand each other, do not know each other, have tried "all" … In the "professional" organization, this is often no different. People feel without energy and everything around them seems big and heavy and unable to move.

Then, what to do? Get someone out of here or admit that this way will leave nothing and something has to be done. Do not claim "they did this, did he do that .." cut any discussion that starts like that and start moving back.

A newly established agency has probably experienced such despair. A clear directive from the government that the culture has to change can help.

Generally, these problems arise in culture in a business environment that is slowing down. Rather than focusing on organizational values, look better at the company and see what the real problem is.


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