Strength at work

The word "intensity" has strengths and strengths. It often uses this, some say "overuse". It is also abused. Just as the term "motivation" is the most common abuse of the concept of power that one person can support others. Strength, as I use the word, is internal to external dynamic, useful prior to silence and awareness of internal guidance. Strength is not simply another way to "get" something, it's a state that supports you in living your life in full.

Selected Persons

Selected are balanced, safe, conscious, important, caring and willing. Those who are chosen are not depressed, confused, aggressive, disputed or desired. Of course even chosen individuals have days or moments of confusion or frustration or doubt, but domination is one of trust and strength and thought about oneself and others. Alternatively, the search may be local, that is, you can find and get power in one situation but not another.

Most, though certainly not all, will be in the presence of those who are truly chosen because the energy in and around them is contagious and healing. Powerful people are happy to laugh and experience the moment in a way that helps others find their own power. When people with confidence shine their light, others can easily find their light. Behavior of a representative is often imitated, but intensity is not just a set of actions and behaviors. Actions that are in accordance with internal knowledge and strength are necessary for true promotion. Informed awareness is the source of selected actions rather than on the other. Where representatives are chosen from within, they carry their authority with them.

As I have said above in a positive way, let me be clear here, what agents do not do : chosen people do not get their power from others. Selected individuals do not strike or overdo or show on others & # 39; rights, make malicious comments, put others down, use derogatory humor, rule over meetings or suppress others. Strong men do not give their power to others – nor let others take their power (which is simply a variation of "power".)

To exercise power, you must give out old-fashioned attitudes, weak vibration, and frustration. In order to have power, you must change the unacceptable attitude of those who are strengthening. To have power, you must be aware of your attention, thoughts and feelings. and emotions as well as other wishes and opinions and feelings. To have power, start where you are now without mistaken or believing that you need to be "stuck".

Selected Organizations

Selected organizations are composed of representatives, although it is not necessarily true that a group of volunteers automatically creates a sustainable organization. Companies that are truly chosen have moved from the old ideology of negative E competition and opinions in limitation and lack. Many individuals, including me, like considering the agency are the one who is moving or has moved into a "new paradigm".

Selected organizations in the new concept have transformed themselves so that they can demonstrate such characteristics as: clear and honest communication, collaboration within and between working hours (usually called groups), shared responsibility in all areas of the project and process and delivery high quality products and services driven by customers / customers.

Individuals in selected institutions are more likely to speak of "joy" work and feeling "love" for their teammates, although such words can not be expressed nor is the expression of such words of verification.

Transfer from here to

Most people agree on potential terms such as "open communication", "collaboration" and "market making" goals. However, preventing the set rules from preventing actions that implement these ideas. Disturbance still exists in many organizations, especially those who face or have been undermined by cruel methods. Believe that an organization is in business for the purpose of collecting money, but also organizations in instability.

It is important to respect where an individual or organization is now. Simply pushing a new paradigm at old does not work. Permanent change happens from within. The structure of the old paradigm is linear and vertical: above and bottom up. Ignoring the chain of government is a violation of many traditional institutions and strengthening this linear approach.

As organizations decrease or otherwise alter their structure, linear and vertical motion tends to change in horizontal and circular. The old approach to finding out what the one at the top of the organization wants to change to look into to identify what serves the highest good with the help of intuition. Some of the most popular names for the new organization that are in line with this horizontal circular internal formation include: "team", "cluster," "learning organization," "caller" and "network".

With my window looking at the energy field and working with powerful principles, I think the "flatting" agencies are exciting and progressive. Scrolling (extermination of managers and other changes) may not feel very positive when it happens, but endpoints can be very positive. Out of the mess grow new forms and patterns to work and be together to trade. Chaos theory that has emerged in recent years can help you understand this act and the discovery of all sorts of systems.

Chaos theory also helps you understand paradigms: old, new and growing. A new image or pattern or idea appears when an old man no longer works. For those who find my definition of violence too simple, I encourage you to read one or more of the following books.

19659007] Plumbing: Curriculum by Peter Senge
Leadership and the New Science by Margaret J. Wheatley

Who Are Selected?

You are a magician for who you are,

not because you are in contact with others.

Power comes from within, not outside.

High-directional guide, this power is used for the benefit of all.

Contest leads you to believe that resources are limited.

When you turn in, you acknowledge that creation is unlimited,

that leads you to unlimited resources.

You compete with faith in limited power.

You have the power of unlimited power.

Today, help others have power.

Such an act can help you find your own power.


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