Strength, Buzzword, Dream or Reality?

Since I became breathless for 30 years, I often struggled with the most popular sentences you hear and wonder if they are just happy thoughts or whether they are content.

I have thought of thinking that the idea is that even if they are true and real, it is possible to reach a real world where I'm not an island. Rather, I'm a very little navy boat that has lost its decades on the seabed.

Over the years I've learned that many words are real, but what makes them can be very difficult because sometimes it may require significant changes in social behavior to realize these dreams. Of course, it does not make them impossible.

I managed to gain self-esteem by learning to trust and understand that even though I have done and continue to make mistakes, I'm really a good person who tries to think about others, recommending actions before I take them , consider potential consequences for other people and then act with kindness.

It may sound like a very good way to write about myself, but I've learned that I'm not the one who taught Atilla the Hun all he knew. I've actually worked very hard to get pretty good – most of the time. You should be able to talk about yourself in this way too.

Seek your actions ruthlessly but try to be realistic. For example, if you lose your mood, take it easy and ask yourself if you are painful or irritated? It sometimes happens when you prefer to be calm, but as a very real person you will be hurt or afraid and it may cause side effects. Human beings do this.

It's the key to the first step of trusting yourself, realizing that you are a human being and collectively with the other 7 billion people on this planet, you are not perfect.

The next step is to stop and breathe when going hard. You can significantly improve how you feel about yourself if you try to reduce your response and give you a spirit to think. Thus you will be more likely to fly off the handle or get upset. In other words, calm yourself and ask others involved before answering and make sure you are talking to the right person who is not necessarily the person who provided the information that prevents you.

Look at your character. There is nothing wrong with deciding that you have a characteristic feature that does not serve useful purposes and start a program of retraining. We all have weaknesses and mistakes and it's a great deal to deal with it honestly and go out and find the people who can help you cure & # 39; this weakness.

Many people do not like this idea and many people try to hide their bugs on the screen and think that nobody can see them. In fact, it is very amazing, but the most important thing is that you know that this weakness exists and you do not like them.

So, the message – if you know you're weak or failing, you should also know that you can clean it with a little work, a little support and a great love for yourself.

I have flaws and weaknesses and it does not matter to me as a person to admit it to you – because I'm human and quite true that the idea of ​​being the only perfect person among the 7 billion would feel like one terrible pressure never to drop up. It would really.

Learn to speak for yourself. We usually hate us the most when we know we let someone walk around us and nothing worse than "I should have said …" for a moment.

This can be difficult when you start, you may find that you move from a gold medal to an aggressive fear-monger, but it's only the swing that fluctuates. When we try to change, we often change from one item to another until we settle in the middle.

If you are in trouble, think about training in conflict. It will help you learn to carry, execute and express yourself in positive ways that are either threatening or challenging and result in much better results than yelling or crying.

Finally, do as much as you can to be happy. Make sure you are pursuing hobbies and pastimes that you enjoy. Watch comedies on TV and funny movies. Eat well, sleep well, try to find a job you like. Create a happy and welcome home, make friends, go out and meet new people. Try to improve your feelings about self-confidence and give you things to talk about. Dance, sing, skate, read. What it takes to love your life.

A happy person is always a draw for others, people enjoy being with them and appreciate the suggestion, sunny, positive and stimulating attitude. The only thing will strengthen you.

As best, you can not be in work, friendship or relationship that does not work for you. The feeling like a square peg in the round hole of your life is not the way to find power. People in the right place at the right time to make the right thinking, feel stronger, happier and more able to agree than those who are unhappy with life.

Very important to remember is inner peace. If you learn to relax, you will find yourself humble or upset. Consider sharing and yoga for it. Also think about doing Tai Chi, Qi Gong (sometimes called Chi King) or Pilates. Teachers of these lists believe that if the core of the body's muscles becomes strong then the person will feel stronger emotionally. All of this can help.

The history of history is that if you feel peaceful, strong and happy, you are much less likely to push the middle of other people's actions.

The other is – you are human and sometimes you will not respond well. When it comes to strengthening your inner peace, inner strength and happiness, take the time to restore your balance and you'll come bouncing back in full power.

Do you have a happy day, peaceful nights and strength inside and outside



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