Strength came with IT time

The era of information technology where computers are fundamental tools not only by engineers and scientists but also by millions of people around the world has led to avalanches unexpected and welcome changes in society. Today's computers have become an integral part of all establishments and all of the people because of many of the wonderful wonders it has made in terms of our work, amusement, medicine and social life.

The world has largely benefited from computers. Banks have particular advantages in terms of storage, recording and retention of data about any other license. Imagine life manually to calculate millions of money, handle all transactions, as well as usually enter such data in directory books. The error rate is significant that the depositor is scared and aware that his life-long experience could be linked to other bank accounts. Computers not only provide security for bankers but also speed up transactions in a convenient and accurate way.

The world's communications have gone better because of a computer where technology developed methods so that phones, modem and brand function together to send messages even to remove areas in the world. Electronic mail or e-mail allowed communication to travel as fast as the light so that the recipient finally receives the message that in the absence of a computer and the Internet it takes a few days before such protocols are read. Thus, the Internet not only made the world an international village by making time and distance insignificant, but it also created an international language – a computer language.

Firms are largely based on computers for accurately keeping records of sales, inventory, profits and losses. Computers are found in almost all stores, supermarkets, restaurants and other offices to record all transactions and accounts in seconds using custom-designed computer programs and machines. Furthermore, companies can advertise, promote and sell their products by shopping online on the Internet.

Medicine has significantly improved in terms of preventive diagnosis, healing, rehabilitation and promotion of health due to the emergence of a computer. Specially programmed software for special use is applied and used by physicians in patient protection measures. This technology has allowed the surgeon, for example, during surgery to view the necessary organs in various parts through the computer for accurate evaluation and comparison before and during surgery. Furthermore, student physicians are given new education dimensions as computers that enable them to study both the external and internal aspects of the human body as well as studying the cancer that can not be studied.

An extensive computer is not only a household but also the economy, science and medicine is unthinkable. Today, its absence is like staring into the void of nothing, as we have become powerless and unbearable for helplessness without a computer.


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