Strength, create a business environment like Rock

Beside my family, my business is alive. One of the things I learned a long time ago is that if you want to succeed in life, you must first succeed in business. In order to succeed in business, you must follow what you want and do not stop until you get it. Nobody is going to do it for you and nobody is going to help you along the way. Life is hard, full of obstacles and only strong survival. I am surviving. I started my business ten years ago without money and today I have over 200 employees and three regional offices throughout the country. The American dream come true.

One of my secrets to be successful is to go to the store near my office and browse through their biographies and WW II books because warfare is very easy with the company's methods. And let's face it, companies are war. I also like to enjoy a cup of green tea while I sit and read.

My wife recently tried to get me to read one of the best New Age best sellers and brave me as a gift. After I picked it up a couple of times, I had to admit I was not enjoying it. Not so much because it was not well written but because the content was so contradictory to my thinking. So I decided to exchange something for me in my opinion. When I went to the store, Clerk, a friendly young man in the late twenties, with long hair and thick glasses, looked at me like I made a big mistake in my life. He asked me why I would exchange it so I told him.

"Well, I think you're not ready," he said. "It's so bad, it's really a great book and not because of all the hype." He started taking my book from me.

"What do you mean, I'm not ready?" What is this young punk he talks to? Does he give more than 200 people a place to work every day? I do not think so. "Ready for what?" I asked curiously, wanted to know what he hurt.

"Develop. It's what it's all about, the type we've reached a place where we have to evolve or become extinct. It's rather heavy." He started writing a paper screw.

"Indeed? I did not get what I read." To be honest I did not read much, maybe half a chapter. "Maybe I did not get enough opportunities."

He stopped writing and looked at me. "See, there is a man we sometimes refer to when it comes to books like this.

Hearing of this criterion, but not quite sure why I agreed that I decided to take him up on his offer and He gave me a name and a number and I immediately decided to give Myron Cain a call. When we spoke, he sounded a bit gruff like I was disturbing. I told him about the book my wife gave me and he agreed to meet me at home His next Saturday morning, he made a major contribution to being there at exactly 8:00 pm Not before, not after, or not at all. He said that punctuality was a sign of character and if I could not manage my time he would not with me.

Saturday morning I stood on the front and wondered if I was doing right. I knocked at the door at exactly 8:00 and was pleased with what tist to be a little old man who stood about five feet tall with a full head of shiny white hair uced me, he polished me politely in his living room. Although the room was not spacious, it had a comfortable feeling and a large overcast couch that seemed envelope me when I sat down. Mýron moved with his well-being and high man half an hour as he stepped up quickly into the room and picked up piles of magazines and books that were scattered. "I was not sure you were going to show," he said, following what could only be described as a pirate. He then disappeared into the adjacent kitchen.

Without asking, he came out with a pot of green tea that was the only generation we would have through the time I would spend with him. When he poured us on each cup he said: "I have zero tolerance for anyone who refuses to have an open mind about new ideas. Would that describe you?" He pleaded with allegations.

"No, that does not mean," I said shaking the result. "The fact that I'm here with you today shows my willingness to learn something new, but I admit that this has not always been the case. The world, but for some reason it does not seem to work just as well anymore. 19659002] "You know Robert, I have done some observations on you and I know you have a very good software development company here in town. to meet you today. What now seems to be the problem of understanding the book? "

" Yes, I'm very proud of what I've achieved with my company. I have trouble understanding everything. "

Myron looked at me like seeing if I was on the scene and I became a strange feeling in the tomb in my stomach. What in hell did I do here? For all I knew this guy was a serial killer who spied the tea and at the same time I felt that this little man had great wisdom and that I would pass a great opportunity if I did not give him a fair chance.

Myron drank his tea, sat down again in the chair happy with his eyes closed as he seemed to refresh the moment. No one spoke where the silence became heavy when he opened his eyes and asked quietly, "Robert, do you know anything about globalization?"

Although I have some good guess on the basis of that to see all the Star Wars movies at least twice, I decided to apply fifth. "No, not really." [19659002] "The Universe in where we live, we work on completely different rules and principles than those that are most commonly used by most people. ignorance of these laws and by being and doing it, lead a very unfulfilling, annoying life. may be. "

Although I was considered very well in the eyes of society, I had to admit that something was definitely missing in my life and Myron's words restored deep within me.

I began to say," Well if I could, let me playing the devil's spokesman … "

Myron bolted out of the chair like a gazelle with a trunk of fire and bought his face about one inch from me," If you want to play devil & you can build your butt here and not waste my time . "He got up and looked down at me," but if you want to understand the book, you need to listen with a student's thought, as your life was based on, okay? "

Like someone who used to give instructions, I found Myron's tone completely unusual to say at least, even irrelevant. Who does he think he is talking to? At the same time, I could understand something beyond beliefs and actions and I heard myself say, "Okay, I did not have to fix up and you. "I carefully took another sip of tea, sat back and listened."

"What I'll Share With You Robert are truths that have been delivered for centuries and are holy. Tell you and follow the instructions. Like you, I ran a successful business back on the East Coast until we were bought out of a big conglomerate. With you in a business context. That way you can connect it in a very real worldview, ok? "

" I really like it, "I said when I was thinking he was not so crazy after all. He sat back in the chair and continued:" The business world you live in Robert is unpopular and competitive, do not you want to agree? "

" Yes! Every time I'm striving either to compete with a new contender, deal with falling margin or need to pull a rabbit from my hat to maintain the value of my stock. So yes, it & # 39 It's a little unpopular out there. "

" Well, Robert, what if I should tell you that your hostile, competitive universe is just an illusion? Illusion that leads to the lowest form of existence because it nourishes itself and continues to produce more of what you do not want … more competition, continued falling mood, lower valuation prices, etc. "He takes another soup of tea and goes on."

"The fact is that the world is a friendly place with all the supplies you need and it is not necessary to fight or compete to share in their abundance. To create unlimited supply and by doing So, stop being the victim of your situation, "he said as he got up from the chair and crossed the room in a massive bookshelf that hit his walls.

Myron removed a little worn out, leathery version of the shelf, looks good and started to browse the pages. "Many years ago, one who had missed most of his life failed to develop an understanding of this perspective and wrote a wonderful little book. Finally, in 1903, "Wallace" got it and wrote 1903 classic, The Science of Getting Rich, a brilliant essay about highlighted wealth and was the entrepreneurial force behind the powerful enlightened movie, The Secret. In the chapter, Wattles discusses the distinction between competition and creativity: "

He read out loud in the book: [19659002]" It is a thoughtful matter (energy) that is all done and which, in its original state, step, penetrates and fills the inner space of the universe. Thinking. One can form a part of his mind and by doing this, one has to go out of competition for a creative mind, otherwise he can not conform to the formidable intelligence, which is always a living and never competitive in the spirit. "

Closed the book, he approached me and said," Robert, I want to lend you this book and between now and next Saturday, I want you to read this passage over and over until you clearly understand its meaning. "

" Next Saturday? You want me to come back? "

" If you are very sincere about learning, then yes. What we have discussed today is just the tip of the iceberg; the beginning that might have done everything new. "

He watched me the book, suddenly turned, walked toward the door, opened him and offered me a blessing. The great surrender reminded me of my university day when I went to college when one of my professors decided to close the class suddenly, stand by surprise and say, "Thank you Myron, I'll see you right at 8:00 the next Saturday."

When I walked away, I could not help me but I feel like wuss. Here I am well, businessman and I take orders from this unusual old old man as my boss.

For some strange reasons, I did not seem to think.


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