Strength – get back to control of your life

Are you feeling that many things in your life are out of control? Is this feeling of "lack of control" that you emphasize? Do you want to get back to control?

There are many things that are important to you and still you are not under your control. These are things that are most stressful. Relationships are stressful and often beyond your control. Economy, international affairs, global warming on nuclear fears are all stressful and, in most cases, beyond your control. You can not control other people or the world economy, but you can learn to control one important role, how you respond to these challenges.

To get back to control, most people did 2 things. First, you must identify how you physically and emotionally respond to these stresses. This awareness will help you to NOT become the victim of your normal pattern of stress. Secondly, you want to learn how to edit (and manage) your answers. Biofeedback and stress management research have proven that any physical system that can be monitored in "real-time" can be controlled. You can learn to control you: brainwaves, blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, blood flow / blood circulation, even the loss of gastric juice. With awareness and learning management, you can learn to change your standard response to stress and invest your existing energy in appropriate and positive ways.

I recommend starting a training on the temperature of biofeedback along with stress management policies like Autogenic Training or Visualization. You can learn to control your physiology and this will then lead to authentication. It's often reported by my staff: "What I like to interfere with does not seem to interfere with me anymore (or the same way.)" My clients learn that they can regain control of their body and # 39; and then they live.

It can not change any stressful circumstances that surround you, but it will give you the opportunity to put things in context and take advantage of the best time and energy.

Please take care of yourself.


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