Strength – How Do You Handle?

Strength is all about trust and encouragement. Which brings up a point, "How do you treat yourself?" By this I mean what you are doing to yourself or the environment that makes you feel good or bad? Do you respect? Do you make little things that will increase your confidence? Let me explain how to improve your self-esteem and strengthen yourself to do more than before.

To change our lives, we first begin with ourselves. Most of us, if not all, end up making certain things that destroy us. To get creative power in our lives, we must start doing things a bit better or different, not for others but ourselves. Take as king and royal prize come, enjoy yourself as a beggar and increase your prize. Now I'm not talking about others, they are not in this picture, the focus is on you.

How do we empower them to be better people? It's really not hard to figure out. Suppose you are cooking a meal, tell us something simple like bacon and eggs. You like them by the sunny side and your bacon is jumping. You put the eggs on the plate and the bread along the side. Pretty plain, appetizing, what if you took some sweet peppers and sprinkle a little on the eggs? Took a parsley and put it next to eggs, or instead of peppers, did you pinch the cilantro and put it on the eggs? Now, did perception change what you are eating? Of course, did it. You can not imagine how different it is to eat a meal that has a different presentation and you are the one who did it. Do not you want more power or creative?

Doing these little things for yourself allows you to do more. This may make you feel slow, but you will naturally start looking for something else that you can do as a turn that puts you in a creative and more effective way of thinking. If you get to my house, you would find that the guest bathroom is set up for guests. I have clean towels, soap, washcloths, mouthwash, hand cream etc. Do not you know that when I get into my room, is it my self-confidence? You know it does.

When your car is clean and you get into it, do not you realize it's better to drive? Well, we know that nothing was done with the engine, but since the car is clean and smells good, it gives us a little sense of superiority over our lives. It's not always about us either. When you start doing all this in another way, we encourage the creative process within us. That in time will help us see things we were not aware of before.

Our performance on these small things will begin to spill out on a larger scale. Talk right, do not beat anything. If an error occurred, correct it and proceed. It's just a little too little time today to start changing what has happened.

Imagine this if you have a full-time maid, what would you expect your home to look like? If it does not look like this now, you need to do work that will strengthen your senses and assist in building your self esteem and stimulating your creativity. I would even suggest you walk into each room in your house or apartment and just stand right in their center and see how you feel about it.

Doing this little exercise will help you find what's up for you and what does not. Change what does not serve you. You do not have to do everything right away, take time and start clearing, storing, clearing or rearranging your home items to make it serve you. When you start arranging the environment and habits today to serve you, you have started the road to bigger things that strengthen you to do even better.

All achievements start with little steps. Life in such a way is like a level, you get from one run to another. It's all a matter of taking a series of steps. Once you've been successful in these little things, the bigger things are not as challenging as you've thought. Strength begins with you. I never mentioned anything about this happily or even to other counselors. Set up your environment to wake up your self-esteem, empty it's closet, rebuild it and create space for what you want to come into your life.

Your daily life is as important as anything else. Take yourself like a king or queen and you will begin to attract what you want in your life. Strength and motivation are in place. Spice up your life and their will will be natural advances for getting better and serving you best.


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