Strength is a complex dispute

Just as organizational improvement is an ongoing process, so is also encouragement. Special factors combine to define the environment that needs to be available if the organization operates efficiently and efficiently.

Leaders should understand that employees have a wide-ranging understanding when it comes to contributing or continuing. The purpose of a mandate is to encourage employees to contribute to success in their activities and, in particular, the company.

Many employees will contribute as much as possible within their professional experience and duties. When leaders strengthen their employees, they are encouraged to contribute to increasing not only their work but also more ideas, ideas and insights. When collaborative projects combine ideas, ideas and insights into an independent atmosphere, it means sustainable performance and better performance for the company.

Leaders are the main motivators to create an independent atmosphere within the organization. They know that the intensity of concentration is achieved when such an atmosphere is created at all levels of the organization and that they have the power and power to remove the barriers to strengthen their employees. Thus, the organization is able to gain momentum to continue and grow as a whole. The factors discussed below help to create a wide atmosphere when it is established.

Employees understand what is expected of them
Employees must be taught to appreciate that transition to an independent atmosphere is a key element in organizational structure. Minimal efforts and contributions are no longer approved – not in terms of vocational training but what employees understand their role in the company's success and how unique efforts contribute to success. Often these changes change with doubts, which change when employees see that the leader of words is supported by consistent actions.

Employees must understand choices to take care of themselves by promoting their ideas, ideas and intuitions, not just themselves but also their affiliates and colleagues.

Objectives and measurements are constantly applied
An important aspect of the environment is consistent application of limits, standards and measurements. When implemented, it creates trust and credibility through the company because employees understand that they are all handled fairly and consistently. They know what is expected of them and how these actions are measured. If they fail to meet these requirements, they know the penalties. They are also aware that when they cross the standard they will be rewarded and recognized.

When employees understand the goals of the company and their units, the current performance goals and goals of their group or working group and the limits on their decision-making power are the power to make unanimous decisions without guidance leaders.

Employees are given abilities and tools to perform effectively
More than one word is mandated to lose human resources within an organization. Employees can not work in this environment without first being trained in accordance with the terms of competence and cooperation; They must have the skills and tools to perform effectively. Leaders understand that a fully developed, power environment is a process that requires the time to perform. It takes time to train, train, monitor and develop skills and tools that facilitate organizational change.

Frequent and Instant Recognition of Contribution
Recognition is one of the most powerful enthusiasts in the workplace. The Westinghouse research from 1930 recognized this concept and decided that employees were encouraged for personal recognition than financial benefits. A dynamic environment must be a factor in frequent and immediate recognition of subordinated contributions. In addition, leaders play a major role in these important factors: but everyone expects to be acknowledged for their main achievements, real impact is when leaders reward employees for their small contribution. In some companies, leaders are actively looking for employees to do something right and then reward them locally. The impact of these programs has a significant impact on employee performance.

Employees Giving Positive Feedback and Communication
Another important role of leaders in the environment is to actively communicate with employees and provide them with positive feedback. A leader is to facilitate change and promotion by stimulating and assisting the supervised person to meet his or her goals or goals. This is in contradiction with a manager or supervisor who manages and employs employees when they fail. The opposite of two styles expresses another emphasis on negative and positive behaviors.

Workers and Leaders Perform With Intellectual Property
Strength is not democratic management but organized discipline within the organization. It enables employees to contribute to individual efforts at their maximum capabilities, enabling the company to exploit a lot of unused resources. Since there is a discipline approach, all leaders and employees are directed to work within the criteria set by the agency's goals, objectives, standards and measurements. Obstacles and constraints are removed, but all employees are still working within and towards the agency's goals. There are prizes and penalties that are handed over to maintain discipline and motivate employees.

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