Strength – Life of Life

For more than three decades, I have been developing and providing customer training plans to customers around the world. The acquisition will be my sixth book and the 27th training. "I thought it was important to deal with a mandate," he says, "even if it is an important part of customer service, very few organizations really allow or encourage it."

I define authorization to allow employees to make rapid decisions to satisfy and retain customers. Strength is a secured investment. When you allow your employees to take care of your customers, it ensures that these customers return to you.

The longer it takes to solve the customer's problem – whether it's a faulty computer or lost luggage – the more irritated the customer becomes and so likely he will ever trade you again. The goal is to allow an employee to solve the problem without bringing it up to the supervisor or managing director, costing the agency more in time and money and, quite possibly, leading to a loss of the customer.

In order to strengthen the activity, it must be taken by employees and supported, recognized and rewarded by management. Nothing will kill commissions faster than micromanaging workers. If you speak all the actions and decisions your employees do, you will never have an agent.

Many, if not the most, managers hesitate to strengthen their employees and fear that customers take advantage of them and that employees will give away the store in their efforts to resolve customers. problem and keep their loyalty. There may be some situations where employees abuse power, but the benefits outweigh the hills. One of these benefits is to advertise in the mouth where customers tell their families, friends and colleagues about the great service they had with your company when your employees solved their problems.

Strength brings other benefits: job satisfaction. Strength creates a positive working environment. When employees are allowed to make decisions without worrying, they believe they trust. And when employees feel solid and respectful, their performance and productivity increase and the turnover decreases. Strength is about getting employees to take control. The only way to do this is to take off the training bikes and let them ride.

Strength does not mean there is no limit to what employees can do to take care of their customers. There must be variables, limits on what an employee can do or give customers who have experienced problems with your business. A lobster dinner free of charge for a customer who complains about his pies – after eating the whole meal – is not appropriate. However, there is a coupon for free oil change for customers, as the car was not ready on time.

Repeated customers are the life of each company. When you strengthen your employees to make decisions that lead to positive experiences for your customers, you establish loyal customers who will then track sales and business.


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