Strength of faith

The Power of Faith.

There is only one way to deal with the spectrum and diversity of life and it is through faith. It is a power to have faith and there is even greater power to know & # 39; Faith.

Faith breathes life in one and gives people a soul that knows how to love, hope and trust, a soul that longs for goodness and lasts forever.

It's my definition of faith as I know it from my experience in life.

The Bible says in 1 John 5: 3-5, "This is what loves God," by keeping his commandments … because one born of God has already taken the world, this is the victory Over Our World-Our Faith. "

Great skepticism and speculation is about this religious issue. People say that religion is beyond human justification. Some say that faith was given to control society. Some say it's an illusion and all superstitions. Some believe belief to be a logical defense method. And of course, some people believe in the Bible, and people say they have blind faith and power is the same. I will tell you this today with certainty, faith is a process, our journey and faith is a treasure worth hunting. I have no clues, only the experience of life has revealed to me that faith is real and happening and is the way to conquer all.

While it is true that blind faith is able to overcome difficulties, my hope today is to show you much more. Basically, the joy that comes with faith in God as one decides to access the source, so, the overwhelming and power of God is imminent. For those who are atheists, I encourage you to keep reading.

I was born in the Catholic Church and I'm still Roman Catholic. I have read the Bible twice and every time I needed some other meaning on her content, there were several things even against Catholic, which is all other content for debt. Basically, I found that the thread that came through the Bible was faithful. I was always looking for a deeper meaning of life (I even went to study five different different religions and their beliefs) and traveled on many different paths in my quest to know God, though I was not even aware that I was to look for something, indeed, the journey was full of suffering, mistakes, impulses, many great challenges, pain, sorrow and joy! Thus I was able to uncover the truth and I can not be sure it was written in my heart and & # 39; from birth or if it became "dug in my heart" and # 39; due to experience. However, it is my position to discover the realities of our immortal souls and potential strength through faith and faith in the unknown, and although it is not always what you are planning or hoping for, can I assure you that you'll concentrate on & # 39 Hold faith and rely on the master of all the forces that I call God. Thus, you can accept the piece with sweetness in life, with a heart full of gratitude and mind and soul that is balanced. I learned this by nature.

Many argue and ask this religion, but I tell you that what I'm telling you today is not just faith; It's a real knowledge derived from difficulties that scolded me and told me the boundlessness of God and the weakness of man. Signs were shown to me to reveal to God Almighty and everything. When my awareness of God's existence was true, I began to & # 39; see & # 39; his grandeur. Galdra's experience lingered in spite of pain, joy and what have you left me: a measure of well-being, some kind of peace, a lot of resilience and inner strength, gratitude and pleasure, wholesome spiritual viewpoints, great emphasis on humans would like to nurture, a kind of trust and trust that protests them as mocking, insulting, organizing, hating, perverting justice, faith that relieves me from anxiety and concern, belief that exceeds the price of diamonds, faith that is priceless. One should not be afraid of a crisis or risking fear of making mistakes or mistakes. For it is in fact that this enlightenment comes forth.

The problem facing today's world is that everyone wants to get peculiarities, proofs, perceptions and contradicts the winner & # 39; by faith itself. I will not give information as it is not to be given. I can only tell you that everybody should look for & # 39; out, & # 39; it & # 39; be that the inner intestine feels that we all go for confrontation for fear of the unknown. You have to deal with "& # 39; you can" grab "nurture", "curb," fearlessly. & Amp; # 39; It may seem risky, but in demand "& # 39; one learns to analyze and make sound reviews. The only speculation and the planning required is a little meditation, some thought and a lot of implementation.

I do not know what people think, but I have to say about my own experiences, like words, things that you want to be careful about. Many have spoken and have eaten on words & # 39; words and I have witnessed it and as well, I imagine wanting to clear thoughts and works as well. One has to think / talk / do, but think / talk / do it carefully, humbly and responsibly, which brings me to the next level. It is God and he listens and waits and looks and seizes. So be patient and good always. Be busy, read, work and help others so that thoughts do not come into thinking of depression, anger or negativity.

Scientists can not prove the presence of God, but they also "know", there is a sense of presence everywhere, and he is righteous. They will not confirm the possibility of eternal spirit and speak unclear about unexplained magnetic field and # 39; found here or there. Scientists consider the belief that preschool teaches parents because it is just not enough to justify deathlessness and eternal spirit desire for God, and that is a powerful force in this process, the power of faith. These are the real processes that occur now in people's lives everywhere. Some acknowledge it & # 39; and run with their instincts, look for intellectual perfection and Scientists will not emphasize you on the importance of profound intelligence because they also need evidence for it. So while scientists are confusing and people lose faith, hope and love, life, so full of obvious contradictions, will not only be a mystery, but life seems unbearably difficult for many. However, it is important to improve oneself and break into one's intellect at the same time with good intent, honesty and generosity … and this together with faith allows us to live a good, happy and blessed life.

I can safely say that love gives us hope and hope gives us faith, and this is not the kind of ideology of man. Faith is the journey & # 39; It gives people courage and courage to overcome the difficulties / obstacles in the world and we are all in it right now, unfortunately, allowing mistakes and expanding over limitation, heartedness and kindness, so that we can all be unleashed, responsible thinkers and doers , gifts and recipients happy with and without bugs and it is both biblical and circular. Faith does not collapse in the midst of misfortunes, faith is indescribable in times of vulnerability, and instead of breaking the need to put a knock on a court brush or even being on one day's reception, religious teachers alone to be tolerant, temperate and moderate. People may perceive it as a cold, but it's really a science & # 39; that God is & # 39; and this allows you to "overcome the world". (the world is people with bad ways). People with faith are truly seamless and wake up every day with new eyes, renewed vision, insights that give them victory over the world and # 39; as evidenced by the Bible's centuries, it can be said that such believers have been "divine" so that they can easily destroy small everyday unauthorized matters. And this is the truth, it works … Faith is the way to get acquainted with God in one's relationship with others, with which one can conquer everything and be forever … Faith is all about Put on every religious document (Emunah) and hopefully the world, breathlessness and life in souls forever.

by Simone Galy-Laquis


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