Strength – Steps to control distribution and transfer to ultimate success


The only true enhancement is self-power. If you are given power from an external source, you can find yourself by "giving" this power.

It is easy to find powerless. There are so many situations and relationships that you have passionate care but can not control. Caring for, but not controllable, defines the most stressful things that deal with our lives. For example, we can often not control like:

What happens to our children when they move around the world

or how our response is in difficult situations

or what boss claim

or what happens to the aging of our parents

or what direction the economy changes, etc.

These are issues that can be of great significance to our lives. What we can control and the best place to start our own movement toward strengthening is how we respond to these stressful events. We can respond to "victims" or we can answer that we can manage the instructions we can manage our lives.

First, we must take responsibility for what has happened and what things we could play that puts us in this challenging situation. (Teaching other people or organizations does not help solve the problems.) We must find a way to "approve" this situation and find a better way to proceed. (If we do not find confirmation, we may be in a pattern to ask "why it happened" rather than what can be done differently to go beyond these "test" situations.) For example, in case of serious health challenge, do you want to waste time and resources to predict why this happened or do you want to exercise the best treatment options and then continue your treatment?

Often we can become "lama" by being overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. We can fly anxiety or depression rather than drowning sideways over the current until we can free ourselves from "rushing the shore" and heading for safer waters. It is important to realize that when we can not manage the situation we can control our physical, mental and emotional responses. Instead of being "sucked into the drama", we can concentrate on being at the moment, breathe slowly and let go of unnecessary tension and disturbing thoughts so that we can find a suitable solution. If we learn to use these anxiety control techniques and use them prophylactically, we can minimize the negative answers and get more energy to solve the problems we face.

It's incredibly common for people to develop a new, more powerful response to old habituated responses. "It did not seem to affect me (or disturb me) as it was used …" or "Before I was upset when my family did this …" Learning to physically "release" stress and anxiety will Strengthen you to release negative responses spiritually and emotionally.

This is easier said than done, but you can learn to "release" stress and anxiety and then move into self-governing self-control. This will actually save your time, increase your focus to increase your productivity, give you energy boost and improve the quality of your life. Who would not want it? (If you believe this, try the following steps and try to prove it wrong.) The measures to control your response to stressful situations and concerns are not too complicated. In fact, the process is simple to understand. The trick is in follow-through and repeated practice until you control the house. Your motivation will be tested. Just remember that it will take some time and repetition, and it's not as easy as swallowing a pill. Self-management is never so easy and does not believe those who say it's "easy".

Understanding how stress and anxiety affect you physically and emotionally is the first part of the process. Read more about "Strength" at !&id=97310 . Then understand how you can reverse the effects of your usual stress responses. Learn to breathe slowly and interdisciplinarily. Find your way at the moment, in a positive way (not by experiencing anxiety.) Challenge must learn to "release" stress by learning to warm your hands and feet by releasing the tension in your circulatory system (and go the exact opposite direction the anxiety reaction will take you.) It will require regular exercises to learn to warm your hands and feet, but you can learn to do this. (Tip: If you "try too hard" to warm your hands / feet, you really need to go in the opposite direction. Temperature-Training-Biofeedback & id = 90394 )) The secret will evolve when you learn to warm your hands and feet, although this often requires 8-12 weeks of daily exercise relaxation techniques like Autogenic Training phrases or visualizations along with the temperature training biofeedback . Once you've been successful, you will not be a victim of disturbance of stress and anxiety. You will save your energy and your creativity.

You can find the difference between how you respond to important living conditions and find yourself self-sufficient. Remember, this means that you can control all the elements of the world surrounding you, but you will be better able to invest the free resource by pursuing the most positive guidelines.

On the way, please take care of yourself. Find the balance of life that makes the trip most worthwhile and healthy.


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