Strength – What to do when you believe and nothing happens to you

When you feel like you believe and nothing happens to you, you may feel like giving up. If you give up what do you give up? Are you giving up on yourself? If you give up, let alone? What went from?

First of all, let go of this energy now – imagine going down away from your life. Okay? Do not create more of it by cooking it with your feelings. Let's start from a clean slate. Today is the first day at the beginning of your new life.

Let's face what is happening here. Let begin at the start where a change begins. We will use the garden as an example.

The soil grows all. Soil is like the universe that grows all plants and trees and they feed us since. The soil does not matter what it grows. It even grows weeds in our garden.

What does this have to do with anything?

The earth is like the great spirit that blesses all things. God does not differ who will be blessed. But as the soil will grow weeds along with good fruit, that's what we get too. We get what we believe is true to our lives wherever good or bad.

So how do we do that? That's where you come in.

You are a gardener of your life. You have been given the freedom to choose what you want to grow in your life park. The soil of the Spirit will grow every thought of seed that you decide to see in your subconscious mind – internal programming, again wherever good or bad.

This thought of seeds is what you accept as part of your belief system. So if you believe that good will come into your life, it will happen. If you believe that things are not working for you and they will never or that it is too difficult for you to get what you want it to happen in your life.

It's your faith. And doubts will lack all the progress.

God is in us and around us and works through us and the power is unlimited. But the way that the power flows freely as it should appear in our lives, we need to open that channel of faith so that it can act as the river flows to the sea. If there is any trash on the way, it will block a free flowing connection. When you remove the trash, everything flies easily and effortlessly.

Thus, our negative thoughts are as trash in our lives and prevent them from delivering blessing and abundance from the great global spirit.

Does this make you clear now?

Okay, you say, "Well, I believe nothing happens."

Just like a park is a germination period where you need to allow the plant to surface over the ground. There is a lot going on underground, though you have not seen it. The seed is beginning to transform and develop what's inside it.

So when you have a good / positive mindset that is happening in your life – it's germination before you see your physical desire.

Now it's the question: "Are you digging up your new plant before breaking the surface with your negative thoughts and infidelity? Are you sabotaging your own progress?"


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