Strengthen Vital Support

I never wonder how many companies have
employees who have the power to offer former customers
wonderful incentives to lure them back, but their customer service representatives
have the ability to offer almost
] nothing to convince an unhappy customer to be.

Powerless, these CSRs often ignore customers and & # 39;
requests and statements about their intention to leave, even
encourage them to look for another company!

They repeatedly repeat the few sentences they can tell
over and over again, rather threatening to customers.

I recently interviewed a CEO of a mattress company
telling me that customer complaints never reach him because
his employees have the power to provide the customer
what will keep him happy. His employees are
more happy too because they believe that the company trusts them
to make a good decision.

Unfortunately, these companies are one in a million today. If others
would follow his example, there would be a much less need for
those employees calling former customers because there
a far fewer former customers were beginning.

When I served a fast food as a teenager, gave a unhappy
customer a free apple pie and followed by it
was a common place. Today, fast food, like other
customer service, can only honor coupons and
bids that are pre-programmed keys on their

It seems that companies today prefer to lose loyalty
customers for life, but allow their pedestrian soldiers in the customer
service to throw those apple pie.

Recently, we just had the experience of our satellite
clothing company. After more than four years as a loyal customer
customer, we are not a problem with our receipt. We
asked someone to find out, and we
said it was $ 100. It's the only option customer
the service was the power to offer. We announced that we
could get a new satellite device for free from
competitors of the company and we were told to go ahead and
replace what we did.

After exchanging, the first company called to ask why we
left and we told our story. The employee came to the conclusion that "after
Four years we had to fix it for free." Or late
signed a new one-year contract and we could not be
pleased with our new, free digital video recorder.

We had no unresolved customer
complaints in our business because we simply do our
best to keep our customers happy from the start. Yes,
we make mistakes and we go out of things, but we always do
what's needed to do things right, plus a little additional
something for the customer. This attitude builds a long time,
successful business relations. Here are some tips on
providing support services:

1.) Delivery
Customer Support Department by Inviting
Encouragement to Unhappy Customers to Encourage Customers to Encourage They Not to
go. Allow them to offer at least half what the people who call
call for a former customer can offer.

However, if you use a standard call service call
you are faced with the possibility of losing 10-year-old customers,
allowing a service department to offer half.

2.) If your business is screwed and your client calls you
on it, allow your support team to acknowledge that
errors were made, apologize and offer something to do
for that – free month of service, discount discount for
future order.

Nothing is more worsening than having someone
apologize without acknowledging anything wrong (ie "Sorry
you feel like this." Or "Sorry to experience it.")
tell them: "Sorry, we were wrong
did it?" What happened to the rating "The
customer is always right"?

3.) Throw the specifications. Giving customers a list of
customer service to tell happy customers is turning people into
nothing but robots. Today's voice analysis technology
allows you to use an automated response system

Train your customer service how to act like human
creatures. Provide them with any kind of conflict resolution
training that they need to turn unhappy customers into people
who at least believe that the company cares for their
problems and wants to help them.

4.) Offer incentives for customer service that keeps
dissatisfied customers.

For example, take your phone calls and give
a prize to a customer service representative making
the best job of turning angry customers into happy.

5.) Do not wait for the client to speak to the
administrator. If the agent of a service representative
to provide a solution is not enough to maintain the client, it should
be SOP for a representative to ask for time to
consult the supervisor and possibly bring them in
the discussion .


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