Success really comes in cans

I wish I had created the sentence, "Success comes in cans." His precision was in my mind when I spent time with two people in Get Not Mode. One of them was open to review thoughts and statements; The other was not.

One is currently in funk and has been paying rent to live in Funkville for several years. Ask him what he wants to do and he tells you. Ask him what he could do to get started or invite him to someone who does it and his answer is: "Nobody will hire me."

"Well, what about XYZ?"

"No, I just told you, nobody will hire me."

"What about …"

"Nothing I Try to Work."

"But what about …"

"Nothing I could try will work either.

How Long Will He

The Other Had Another Response When It Used Can Not Consider It.

"If You Say You Can not, How Do You Do It?"

"I thought never like that. "

" Let me share a statement with you: There's a way to do this and I'll find it.

"I'll probably find it and create what I want."

Both individuals are creative and intelligent. The woman was open to thinking, which is what we did in the conversation. As you see in talks with the first, he slammed the door closed at all.

Recently, I woke up feeling and found myself in funk. Would I be there or even feel better? Better, of course. Were my thoughts and feelings at the time creating more of what I wanted to expand in my life? Not these thoughts; and what they were not what I wanted more of. When we have a dream or a goal, we get excited. Then we will be afraid. There is only one thing that certainly is fear: action. Action sets us free.

I'm not saying it's always easy to move our focus on what we choose to think and feel. but if we commit to doing so. If we do positive actions, we'll even take it faster. If we have a target and keep on target, we will always achieve it. After a while, we'll get it more than we miss it.

If your goal is to feel good more often, look for it. At the same time, keep in mind to monitor what you learn about yourself in that process.

Success comes in cans.


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