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When the dream turns out to be a nightmare, what's the boss doing?

And you, Brutus?
Are you guilty of enabling employees to do less than expected? Do you accept poor performance or encourage poor behavior by allowing employees to:
… Call the sick when the project is due?
… Because of staff disruptions?
… Submit a job that contains errors, is inadequate and / or does not meet expectations?
… Excluded from assigned work because it takes too long to explain it (they will divide it up)?
… Show, do nothing and collect labor costs?

Okay, so you're a user. And you're not alone.

The results
To show more what can be done, a 2007 survey conducted by America OnLine and showed that average US workers "wreck" nearly two hours in 8.5 hours. Working day – by not working! It is not working to define what not to do the job, not to meet expectations. In our purpose, we will define not working as: not meeting deadlines, not serving customers, but not fulfilling the role of the organization. So just what were these workers doing? Accept, use the internet, make phone calls, come late, go early, shop, search for new jobs and all the time to collect wages.

Who did it? Anyone who is responsible for managing employees — Board. Directors, directors, presidents, officers, supervisors, business owners. Even CEOs enable. Status does not know any privilege, whether it's a Global Fortune 500 company or the family who is away on the street, who has a bankruptcy big hair, holes and bad attitude.

The Fallout
Enabling employees to be less than they can lead to culture with low moral ethics, high turnover and poor employees. It can also lead to unhappy, dissatisfied customers telling others about their complaints, not returning and eventually causing businesses to suffer long-term difficulties. Remember the automotive industry 1970?

"Give Customers What They Want" should be a mission mantra for any manager or company that does not want to succeed. Provide services, provided by knowledgeable, thinking, participants. It is not rocket science. It's basically simple. But simple does not mean it's easy.

The answer is …. It's all about performance
Does your staff know what you're specifically expecting? As a manager, your role is to ensure that all employees have the power to fulfill their duties – your expectations. When an employee meets expectations, the employee is doing the job.

Consider the busy employee who goes through the office and thinks of every business and tells others how to do the task. Is it your hope that this employee annoys and distracts other employees from fulfilling their duties? Furthermore, does this employee complete projects and fulfill your expectations? No!

It's All About Expectations
It is the responsibility of all managers to ensure that all employees know what is expected of them: work, duties, responsibilities, deadlines, attendance policies, clothing standards, behavior, etc.
Anyone who is responsible for managing employees shall provide the following:

1. Expectations. Clear expectations about what you want to see from them (performance or behavior). To ensure success, it will be possible to be measurable and slow.

2. Employee participation. To ensure that employees understand expectations, employees have distinguished it.

3. Tools and Training. Provide appropriate tools and training to employees to develop the necessary skills and meet expectations.

4. Feedback. Provide staff with ongoing, constructive feedback, offer timely correction or praise when it is justified.

Now that employees have been given expectations, you should be sure that your position can be resolved, employees are selected and success is available.

By strengthening rather than enabling staff to change how you control and how you interact. But some executives prefer to avoid the matter or check out chastisement, but verbally bring the matter to an employee. Facing, respectful, but reliable.

The change does not come easier for employees, especially those that are "hope" is one of many strange and sometimes misunderstood words related to scholarship, work, time, and service.

"What do you want me to do? Register or answer your phone?"
Climate change is important for management to be consistent. Expectations change. Just because it does not work at first does not mean you should surrender.

Whenever an employee fails to meet a particular notice, you must share your comments and concerns by reporting clearly about performance or behavioral problems. Once again, repeats clear and precise hope and ensures that an employee understands it not only, but also the necessary tools, training, training, guidance, and positive feedback for success.

By providing employees with clear and consistent bilateral communication that expresses your expectations about performance and behavior, as well as tools and training to achieve them, you have the power to focus on their projects so you can focus on your guide, reach, organize. Employees are then developing, thinking, making decisions and following your leadership, serving the client, fulfilling a mission statement and ensuring that the customer is happily happy. For you, what was once an impossible dream, has become a reality.


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