Switchword – Word of Strengthening

It was a book I had to read. I do not know where it came from. I know I did not buy it. I do not remember anyone who gave me that. Suddenly it was on my bookshelf. Another book about self-evaluation and enlightenment!

All the books I have previously read about enlightenment condemned the self. The message is clear that the self is bad and you must try to negate it.

This book "The Secret of Perfect Living" by James T. Mangan is different. Instead of trying to negate the self, it suggests that we encourage ourselves to acknowledge the work that the subconscious does. The purpose is to get conscious (ego) and subconscious mind (higher self) to combine. Instead of working against me, I would double my potential.

It's impossible for me to get rid of my self. In fact, I've found out that I'm not the problem. It evolves to help me exist in this world. It has done a great job.

But the truth is that subconscious governs and does much more than conscious self. But I get the credit! The property has become a dictator. There is an imbalance! So to get my two most powerful parts to create more powerful I rock my world!

The secret to perfect life explains how to gain unity of consciousness and subconsciousness. Part of this unified process contains a list of what Mr. Mangan calls the replacement of words.
Replace words are words that you say internally, which immediately combines our minuses to accomplish a particular task.

For example: You can not find keys in your car, instead of predicting an aimless way, say you reach you or out loud, and within minutes you will find keys.

It's so simple and still works.


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