The 5 Attitudes of Power

Have you ever experienced a situation in life that looks at your core and strikes you in the middle, takes up your mind and understands you to be trapped in barriers, conflicts and turmoil? Have you ever felt that the world passed you while stagnant; Outsiders to watch and wonder when your time would finally come? Have you stopped looking from the sidelines, but the life of others seemed to evolve and transform?

I think we've all found ourselves at one time or another, stuck in the fog of confusion, trying to do it through the day once in a while. All humans must cater for the flaws and challenges, sorrow and loneliness, loss and despair throughout life. The question is how can we restore our understanding of ranking, balance and internal peace and get back to business?

No two individuals respond to fear, pain and sorrow in the same way. Regardless of personal style copying, one thing is clear: We can not change the past, control the future or control the behavior and choices of others. However, we can manage our own decisions and live our lives independently with meaning, clarity and purpose. The process begins by learning talent mindfulness and choosing to evaluate and reform a certain perspective to create a more positive and empowering belief system.

I reflected back a period many years ago, when I felt confronted with significant pain and turmoil. I asked myself how could I overcome pain and repeat the joy of my life? You probably know the old word "Hinsight is 20/20". Now created with the wisdom of time and experience, I understand the effect of accepting different perspectives and how these attitudes allowed me to grow and transform over the years.

I've found that many people need tools to help clear the leather of fear, pain and stress from the glasses, and appreciate how happy they really are for many blessings in their lives. Many of them are stuck in questions why I, why now, what if I should have, could I have, why did not I, etc. Many individuals go through life with a weight of a thousand regrets and arrhythmia on their shoulders. Consider the following:

• Do you live your life by predicting past pain at the moment?
• Are you a cousin of fear who lives in cesspooli self-esteem, shame and regret?
• Are you disappointed with your life and focusing on what you have not?
• Are you busy with what you hope to get or what you think you've missed?
• Do you feel full of frustration and objection to those closest to you?
• Have you lost faith in yourself and hope for the future?

The goal of the 5 attitude of power is to help you shift your minds to reduce resilience and allow joy in your life by adopting a new positive and empowering belief. This tool will guide you on your journey towards reliability, peaceful soul and emotionally intelligent connections.

Attitude Now – Size to live at the moment, knowing that you can only control what is happening now. It's a waste of time and energy to try to change the past or control the future. The ability to control your mind and embrace the current moment forms the foundation of being aware and appreciating the beauty every day has to offer. To create a life WOW, you must live in NOW!

How often do you allow the pain of the past or caring about the future to prevent you from enjoying the moment of this moment? How often do you wake up and wonder what happened yesterday and the day before? Are you infected with "Would you like a disease"?

Gratitude Gratitude – Being Fully Presented in Now The moment opens the door inner peace, joy and gratitude for who you are, where you are and what you are doing . Gratitude leads to autonomy and a positive perspective of abundance and orgasm, rather than an independent limitation of lack and desire.

How often do you focus on what you do not ? Are you jealous or annoying by others? How often do you allow you to fully appreciate and celebrate what is right in front of you instead of wanting what is behind you or what could be in front of you?

Attitude to Give – When you are grateful for what you have, you are free to give yourself unconditionally, without obligations or expectations of anything in return. Unconditional gift is the greatest gift you can offer to you and someone else in your relationships. The inspiration of living is found in joy to give and it helps to remember that you must give before you get.

How often do you find yourself focusing more on what people have done for you rather than what you are inspired to do for them? How often do you think you want to give but something inside you is with you? Have you ever done something for what they have failed to give you rather than to evaluate what they have already given you? Do you want to get or give yourself to live?

Attitude of Forgiveness – Unconditional gift leads to forgiveness. The ability to forgive is the key to reaching peaceable souls. It is wise to say, "Refusing to forgive is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die". If you stick to poisonous energy frustration, sorry and anger, you will only poison yourself.

How often do you feel that you are watching frustration, avoiding and anger at those you love? How often are you filled with pain from the past, which makes it possible to have a negative impact on the present? Do you now love someone who is near you and allows forgiveness to shed your mind and poison your soul?

Religious Idea – The essence of faith is found in giving surrender to security, certainty and trust of higher authority. The definition of higher power is a unique privilege of each individual. This attitude is about living your life by assuming a positive perspective based on faith in your chosen higher powers. It is the belief of absolute conviction that all your hopes, dreams and hopes will be true and appear everyday with your words, actions and behaviors to achieve your goals.

Life seems to come in two: Two hands, man and woman, night and day, right and wrong, yes and no, positive and negative. Your choice is: Do you choose to walk on a sunny side or the cloudy side of the street? Do you choose to be a watcher or participant in life? Are you a volunteer or a victim? Do you continue to fight thoughts and feelings of hopelessness and fear while setting yourself in situations that constantly resurrect these feelings?

The Best Way to Apply 5 Power of Attitude is asking yourself the following questions:

1. What can I do differently to be fully present and live at the moment?
2. What am I grateful for?
3. How can I give me unconditional?
4. Who do I have to forgive?
5. What beliefs can I choose to accept?

Start looking at your life today and consider these questions. Think deeply of all your four relationships. Challenge yourself to restart your negative views in order to reduce resistance and allow peace in your soul, the positive energy of your life and love in your heart.


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