The difference between motivation and intensity

Remember when you attended a seminar and the leader promised that all your dreams come true with the "wolf of magic."

It's the real ability to get your audience experienced, excited and running back in the room to buy all the products they believe are the answers to all their problems and only in "3, 5, or 12 Easy Steps!"

How often have you seen people go after courses tense, motivated and … "On fire!"

Yes, the products are great as they work, there are jewels of wisdom and incredible training. s inside a sealed container.

But the real problem is … 90% of those who really bought follow-up, never open them! Yes, life is coming and all the reasons for buying and using the programs fly out the window, their dreams gather dust on the shelf, inside the closed box and they wonder what went wrong?

Nothing went wrong!

All that happened was that they were enthusiastic, excited, extremely refurbished and burned out! Like a fire kid instead of a strong, steady burning fire that has plenty of fuel to keep burning. Even after the fire "expires" continues to glow and new fuel "kicks up" the fire and back "burning long and strong."

It is intensity !

When you see a good person, you will notice that they have coaches and mentors, they are always learning and growing, looking for education and performing and practicing what they are learning. They continue to add useful, powerful devices and support systems, and they use what works.

Once you have power, wake up slowly, you have a plan of action, you use tools and develop new skills that you are naturally talented in your personality.

Your life begins to flow and ideas and inspiration come to you easier and soon. You catch these ideas because you understand your leading voice and rely on your abilities to accomplish your dreams. You have a coach to keep you "responsible, on the right track and safe" and suggested to guide you with the next steps.

You are emotionally stable and calmer. You have more EQ-Emotional intelligence and you have more report and better communication skills, which leads to greater collaboration between others, whether it's your team at work, or family and friends.

When you meet up with the next course or if you are looking for a coach, keep in mind if you are encouraged and inclined because you have authority.

Motivation – on its own can lead to excitement and combustion if you do not get the skills and tools that you can instantly implement in your life.

Strengthening – When you have a strong core, you have the skills and tools you have practiced, you can use immediately and know that they work for you.


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