The Empowerment Dynamic

Karpman or drama triangle is a model of interference with social interaction with three things that fuel each other to satisfy mutual and negative psychological needs. Three roles are victims, saviors and candidates. The victim dreams the oppressor and teaches his environment because of his problem, the savior seems to help the victim but actually plays the martyr and the player teaches the other two to be sick. The three roles and endless variations of the game are played all the time in offices, families and relationships.

However, the triangle has a positive version that can be useful to eliminate the triangle of vision from our lives. The Empowerment Dynamic (TED) also has three free bars. The Creator responds to the role of the victim and facilitates movement and creativity. Instead of teaching his environment, he uses them to make his vision a reality. The attacker corresponds to the compiler. Challenger also pushes the Creator, but in a positive way, he encourages him to grow and go out of his comfort. The final role is a trainer that corresponds to the Savior. Savior only helps those found to find a need, but the trainer is the one who offers genuine and necessary support for the creator, to ensure that his projects are realized.

More about the Karpman plays the triangle and how to escape it, how to improve self-esteem and how to deal with life expectancy in this section can be found at .


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