The key to creating a total deterioration of the system

In this article I will:

1. provide a framework to create total system power at all levels and in all locations;

2. Describe periodically repeated traps that limit the total system power and

3. show how these gaps can be avoided so that systems can realize their full potential.


Powerful Systems

Systems where people at all levels and in all locations
can do what they want to do and what the system needs to have happened

I. What are the essentials of all systems?
Whether we are dealing with the family, the sports hall, the department within the organization, the organization itself or nation, the essentials of all the systems and development continue their existence and realize their full potential .

II. How to live and develop a system?
All systems interact with their environment. In these environments, discontinues avoiding and opportunity to exploit. Systems live and develop with handling at dangers and search results among options.

III. How does each part of the system contribute to total systemic powers?
Each part of the system has its unique potential contribution to total system power. This option is often not realized for the reasons described below.

Tops as Shapers. Tops' unique contribution is to act as a Shapers system. Tops formulate the system by reviewing learning the system's environment, perceiving the dangers and opportunities, and viewing into as the system has the structure, culture, inspiration and resources needed to deal with These dangers and opportunities.

The following are areas covered by Tops as Shapers. This does not mean that the Tops are expected to do this one; It means that whether these jobs happen or not, then Tops are responsible.

Tops strengthen the system by:

1. develop vision about what the system is and can be, a vision that encourages system members who lose their passion.

2. develop structures that mobilize human energy and enable the system to survive its mission.

3. develop culture that supports creative, rewarding and satisfactory work. Culture includes such things as atmosphere, traditions, prizes and confirmation.

4. see that the system has resources – human and material – to perform its work.

* Employees as Manufacturers . The unique contribution of employees is to act as system manufacturers. Employees produce by being experts in the products and services of the system by applying their intelligence and knowledge to the work of the system by gaining more knowledge of customers and # 39; needs and aspirations, using their proximity to work and knowledge of work to determine how best is done in the organization and by integrating in such a way as to improve products and services.

* Middles as Integrators . Middles's unique contribution is to function as an integration system. They coordinate system components so that the system works well with the things that are breastfeeding and support each other, avoiding collision interruption and unnecessary redundancy. Media integrates the system with regular integration with others, information dissemination, analysis of general problems and solving problems.

Customers as Scope . Customer's unique contribution is to function as a system certificate. They are at best to determine if the system is doing what it should be and doing it as well as it should be. Customers verify the system by providing the system with timely feedback positively and negatively by offering tangible tips on how the system could improve the service and sometimes organize with other clients to address these issues.

IV. These sources reinforce each other .

There are no conflicts among these sources.

1. The better the job is, the better is the structure, resources and climate where the employees produce.

2. The better Middles is to integrate, the more freed up shirts are shaping, and more workers are supported in production.

3. The better Customers are verifying, the more everyone knows how well the system is doing what it was supposed to be.

V. Traps for total systemic power: Stolen shirts, oppressed workers, torn media and right-handed screws customers.

Why Tops Do not Form. Tops exist in the world complex : a difficult issue to deal with unpredictable problems, things that Tops felt were dealing with continuing to return. In light of complexity, what tops do often, feedback, without thought or consciousness, sucks it responsibility for oneself and away from others. When this happens, Tops becomes burden with this overwhelming complex. Under such circumstances, paintings will be a good idea, but something unfortunately you just do not have time or energy.

Why workers do not produce. Employees are in the world neglect : There are things that are wrong with their condition and what they see that are wrong with the system and their understanding is that "higher" should determine these things, and they are not. In consequence of this disregard what "workers" often – again, reflectively, without awareness or falsehood – hold "higher up" (not themselves) responsible for their condition and condition of the system . When it happens, workers will be oppressed : energy is focused on higher, what they are doing or not doing, disappointed by them, angry with them. Under such circumstances, employees are not inclined to be manufacturers as described above.

Why Media does not work as an integration system. Media is available in tears, promotes conflict and Tops, Workers, Clients, Providers and other media priorities. Brokers find themselves in conflict between others. In view of this torture, which often means to do-again, reflective, unconsciously-is to enter into other people and conflict and make their own. Brokers are responsible for solving these issues and what makes it even more difficult is that others also hold the center responsible for solving their own issues. When this happens, the medium torn : torn apart from each other and worn inside, sick, confused, self-loss, insufficient to anyone who believes they should be serving. When that happens, system systems can not be integrated.

Why customers do not confirm. Customers live in the world neglect – products and services that do not come to them as fast as they like, in the quality they think they deserve, or at a price they want to pay. In view of this negligence, what customers often do – without awareness or choice – is to hold delivery responsible for delivery. It is therefore clear that the customers are responsible for delivery completely on delivery and not at all. When this happens, they become the right screws client: angry with the system, frustrated by it, feeling right and unfairly treated.

VI. The key to total system impairment: Awareness, Choice and Stands.

1. All members need to see their potential contribution as Shapers, Producers, Integrators and Validaters.

2. All parties need to acknowledge the response response when they occur.

3. All parties need to be able to say no to the response response and to have other places to work.

Top Stand. In the presence of top overload, instead of sucking responsibility for myself and being burdened at the top, my position is: Be top that creates responsibility in the system.

Bottom Stand. In the presence of botany, instead of keeping higher amounts responsible for my condition and condition of the system and becoming the oppressive bottom, my position is: Be a bottom responsible for my condition and condition of the system.

Location. Instead of meeting in the middle, instead of sliding between other problems and conflicts and making them my own and getting worn centrally, my position is: Be a medium that maintains (and my middle group) independence Thinking and action.

Customer. Replacing customer negligence, instead of keeping the delivery system responsible and correcting Customers, is my position: Be a customer who gets in the middle delivery and help them to work for me.

VI. Final Comment. The response to the responses that eliminate the possibility of overall system deterioration is predictable, but they are not unavoidable. hand, are not foreseeable, but they are human potential. These features enable us not only to create powerful systems but also increase each our more talent for ourselves as human beings.


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