The Power of the Mind – Change your life

With all the researches that have been done in recent years, I do not think there are too many who doubt the mind has great power and what we believe controls not only our actions but our destiny too.

One of my first experiences with a powerful mind came when I went through divorce. I had moved out of the house and took all my marriages with me. At that time, I was not just working full time but was also in the process of starting a new photo series too.

I remember Sunday morning when I drove to see a friend I was working on developing and selling a line of pictures. I remember thinking how my personal finances were tight but I could do it as long as nothing went wrong with my van. Immediately the oil light on the rush came on. I suddenly thought, "Oh, great!" Then I had to think that I could create this situation with my thoughts and my fears. Certainly, as soon as I changed my mind, something more positive the oil light went off and I continued on the road. I bulged that van many miles after that with a penny of trouble.

I realize that sometimes there is something really wrong with the car that changes the mindset will not perfectly fix but I have also seen the time when the problem can be delayed for a safe place or repair facilities to be reached.

If we think again objectively, I'm sure we can all remember when our thoughts have changed our circumstances, if they are small or insignificant. Sometimes we never even cry a thought. These times are there, we all have them. When we become aware of how thoughts can change our lives, we begin to take more and more minorities or dramatic circumstances that occur when we change our thinking.

One of the easiest ways to test this is to change our attitudes when in the companionship of others, consciously changing the mood from a negative attitude to more positive than working or talking to others. When the mood changes, take into account how people's attitudes change around you.

This works in all areas of our lives, the universe creates our destiny by responding to our thoughts and actions, as people and animals do. There is truth in the old word, "Change your thoughts, change your life."


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