The Sense of Lack and vulnerability overcome

It's hard to imagine anyone who has not felt deficient and vulnerable from time to time, or much of the time. Money, relationships, status, power and reputation do not completely solve our sense of lack and vulnerability. Read on to discover how to finally overcome your sense of lack and vulnerability.

We want to be safe and adequate. We desire to feel satisfied and safe. We believe and believe that satisfaction, satisfaction and security are not present now, here; that certain circumstances are not available now.

This belief, one – the feeling of fullness, satisfaction and security is dependent on a situation that is not present now – is the source of common sense of lack, need and vulnerability. All conditions, by definition, are limited and appear and disappear. It is this obvious limitation that is the source of lack of understanding and vulnerability. Just like all things that appear, disappear, we believe and find that we will also disappear.

Finally, the firm sense of satisfaction, orgasm and security we want to be available here, no matter what state is present. What's available and available here, no matter what situation does it appear? Existence of consciousnesses. "I"

"I" is always there. No matter, "I" that has existed since your first experience, and is now there, read these words. It's "me" who knows this and every experience. "I", the presence of awareness, is a knowledgeable, conscious "space" where every experience or condition is displayed and known. While experience is constantly changing, "I", a conscious presence, never changes.

Ask yourself, "Is this a real" space ", conscious presence, lack or need for something? Can it hurt? That" I "does not look like the space in this room – empty, open, unfallen, without opinion just about trying to hurt opening, emptying "space" awareness. It's not possible.

See this lack of experience and disappear in this conscious, conscious "space" that is "me", but this knowingly "space" is absolutely free and independent of this experience. Because of this, "I" have no need, feel no shortage and can not be harm. [19659002] Thus, the desire for fulfillment and security can only be fulfilled here, now, by acknowledging and recognizing the presence of awareness that this long-known, known. "I, consciousness, do not experience this desire, while" I " , vitund, v We could say that "I" know experience, but "I" is not experience. We could say that experience is mine, but "I" did not.

Seeing that experience of shortages and weaknesses is experienced because believing that satisfaction and security are subject to a condition that is not present now, there is no real lack or vulnerability because "I" always exists, lacking nothing and can not be damaged. Our sense of satisfaction and security comes from this recognition.


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